Corporate Photography, Travel Photography, Random People, Fine Art, People, Landscape, Seascape, Long Exposure, Photojournalism, back packer

Silvia Tomarchio Photography


A story teller, not a writer, my language is visual, just like smiles are the beginning of kindness, the language of love, it’s universal…..Traveler not a tourist.

Dreams without actions are just an illusion, your world begins in your imagination.

“Was it the voice of God I heard that day? or the dreams of a child? A place to hide, a place to reveal, living in the bubble of art.

Chance or Fate

Adventures with Dinkie, A 12 month project.

In 2004 I decided not to fear the written word so that I could share images from your backyard and beyond, Digital art and professional services.

Maybe one day I will have the courage to write that book I have inside me…The Ex wife of a Stroke Survivor and how I Reinvented Myself and Changed the Definition of family, ok maybe it’s a long title..

Fill me up with travel and photography, or photography and travel, moments that make up chapters that turn into stories, those 10 minute friendships and seem to last in your memories for a life time, no commitment, no expectation, no obligation just pure “in the moment” the allowing in and letting go, the freedom to fly, a time to listen, explore, understand, see and feel, no right or wrong, only one rule “no rules”, belonging to nothing or no one, only to experience this moment of bliss, laughter, inner cheesy grin of conquest….Open with incoming traffic, unconscious selection……….

AIPP-Awards 15 16 17 18


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