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Shock The Monkey

At The Stroke of Midnight

Coming to you from Melton, Victoria, Australia


Night Train

It was 7.30 in the evening and mostly quiet while people boarded the train only the music they provided, We needed to walk through gravel, yellow tape and well it all looked like a construction area, the only light available was that from the train. It felt like we were escaping in the middle of the night.
I’m not sure how long people had been travelling for but most seems ready for sleep as the train was ready to leave.

My Backyard

Good morning a little fresh today although the sunrise did not fail to put on the colours, Tuesdays, my big day, I wouldn’t have it any other way, learning is living, have a great one




Halong Bay, what a backyard!!


My Backyard

Photoshop assignment, a fun shoot celebrating Miss M’s latest achievement (more…)


Umbrella Boy

Freedom To Be Me

fill me up with travel and photography, or photography and travel, moments that make up chapters that turn into stories, those 10 minute friendships and seem to last in your memories for a life time, no commitment, no expectation, no obligation just pure “in the moment” the allowing in and letting go, the freedom to fly, a time to listen, explore, understand, see and feel, no right or wrong, only one rule “no rules”, belonging to nothing or no one, only to experience this moment of bliss, laughter, inner cheesy grin of conquest….Open with incoming traffic, unconscious selection……….

Night Children of Sapa Town

I come not to colonize, nor to impose my Western mind or ways, I come to explore, to learn, to feel, I see you just as you are, in all your beauty in your home, thank you for allowing me to be your guest in Sapa, to Photograph you.sapa5 sapa6 sapa4 sapa3 sapa2

Over The Moon

From my backyard last night, iphone pic of my camera screen, I can imagine thousands of enthusiasts capturing their view of the moon, too many clouds from my view point, always next time