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Dinkie Die has a new home

a great feeling, today I was photographed for the paper with my my mate Dinkie, a little fun with the photographer and great news if one of my pieces sold šŸ˜Š 


Sand of Time of Time _DSC590720150515untitled shoot-Edit-2 copyPerry Sandhills

Seat of The Soul

Mount Macedon National Park

VictoriaSeat Of The Soul

Fresh Eyes


Out for a little fun and shoot Sunday with some old and new photographers friends from Essendon Camera Club

It was cold, i must get ski pants

I have to say i am loving that fresh air and looking at winter with fresh eyes and fingers and toes

Great day out at Mount Macedon Ranges


wonderfully surprised by just enough snow!!!!

Followed by a lovely meal


Olive Jones and of course Cider

and of

On the Edge

Print available to purchase


greentreeWell holidays over back to study this week, little warm up piece, Lil Miss M decided on the crop for me, I do love team work!

Dinkie Exhibition…Chance or Fate


Throughout our journey in life there are many highs and lows, many twists and turns that seem to never end. Is life mapped out for us, or do chance events determine our fate? Is life pre-wri en, or do the choices we make in uence the path we travel? This photographic exhibition explores the notion on of chance and fate. The images depict random moments in me and space where fate and chance may intervene like a simple role of the dice.


Dinkie Exhibition


The day gets better!!!
Some of you met Dinkie a few years back, just letting you know he alive and well!
Stay tuned for his upcoming appearance.
Opening night 24th of July, Hunt Club, Melbourne
Details to come, so i hope you will come join me, a little food and some fun!!!
Yep you might actually believe me that I am shy!!!!!!
Stay tuned!


Good Morning Pingyao


It was about 7am and I thought it would be a good time to have a stroll whileĀ the shops closed.

Another warm morning indeed.

It didn’t take long before theĀ localsĀ were all setting up, mmmm maybe a little earlier next time?

Unfortunately there was no next time, well this visit anyway.

Pingyao is located between Beijing and Xian in China and is said to be 2700 year old.

This street that i was walking was towards the East Gate of the Ancient town, spanningĀ 2km square.

Well here it is!!! my largest Pano yet, it’s approximately 13 images, 450cm long!!!

Spent countless hours on this image, mainly trying to figure out how to save large format files!

That being said, yet another learning curve, a challenge but fun, best i write some notes for myself!