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Mount Elephant

Drive down this road for a km, then turn left drive for another k then left again look back and you will see the Elephant, mmmm nope can’t see it, but it was impression enough for me to stop.

As I pulled up a bloke was coming up the road and claimed to be the owner of the land, this was the direction I got.

It did make me smile either way…

Mount Elephant is a 240-metre-high conical breached scoria cone formed by an extinct volcano, located 1 km from the town of Derrinallum in southwestern Victoria, Australia._DSC2720-Edit

Petrified Sold

Always a great feeling when someone decides to invest in my art!!

I much prefer to go through my printers because they provide quality and service !!!_DSC2817-Edit

Portland, Victoria

Portland Pier

What does one do while they are waiting or fish and chips?

Enjoy the view of course.

The lovely lady running the fish and chip van was kind enough to let me have a play while I waited,

The best Fish I have ever had!!! so moist and fresh, didn’t batter thank we have in Melbourne and much lighter.

The lovely ladies at the Portland information centre were so friendly and helpful the day earlier so i was sure to come back and take a few snaps of the pier that will be no more soon.

Not the best time of day but I was moving on to the next town.

_DSC3294 _DSC3302_DSC3303-Edit


Portland is Victoria’s first settlement and is one of the best kept secrets.

Situated on the far South West Coast of Victoria we are a perfect holiday destination for all.

Portland offers a great range of activities. Fantastic beaches, fishing, Whale watching, tours of aboriginal sites, shopping, history and botanical gardens.

Bishops Rocks, Cape Bridgewater, Portland

Bishops Rocks, Cape Bridgewater


The Crags


The Crags
Port Fairy | Great Ocean Rd
Beach – The Crags
Great Ocean Road, Australia.
The Crags are 12km from Port Fairy and form a very rugged stretch of coastline that provides a panoramic view along the coast and its sandy beaches.

The Boat Shed


Around every corner there is always something new to discover, it always just over the hill, one more corner, around the bend, up the hill, down the hill, up and then down.

I need one of those hover things they had in Lost in Space!!!!

Another fantastic visiting some of Australian finest coast,

 2km in on The Great South West Walk, Definitely worth it.

It approximately 250km to do the lot.

Petrified Forest

Every now and then you get that really sick feeling that you are doing something that you shouldn’t be doing, well today was such a day, apart from the light rain and strong wind condition, not long standing here, quite high up and close the the edge, a little voice said step back, it’s not worth the shot.

Unfortunately not many shots today, my filter was all covered in rain in no time.

Later this evening, I had a lovely meal at the local pub, my usual cider, i got chatting to a few locals didn’t take long before they realised I have been out getting more than my feet wet, chatting away, and i thought they were kidding, I was standing on only a few inches of rock, most of it has been washed away over time and could give way at anytime. Blimey!!!

You wouldn’t believe what they do for a living too, he said “I’m glad i didn’t met you in a different way, glad you are here to tell the tale”

Turns out they are both photographers, so i invited them out tomorrow and they said they will take me to see from a point that i can see underneath.

There were no signs or fences, I didn’t think twice, I mean we know where the best shot are taken from.

I was born at sea but I sure don’t want to die there.

Well the location definitely lives up to it’s name.



Straight to the Selfie Book

Now that was fun 🙂

Camera Man




Wealth Plan Financial Group

Always great to catch up with these guys for their annual corporate shoot.

Extra bonus today!

Birthday = Cake!!!!

Their office is in Boronia,

I wish I had more time to go and explore the mountains covered in some very cool cloud action!!!


Victoria Sunset

Beautiful sunset, along the way, i love a good road trip.

_DSC473820150502Nilahcootie (Lake Eildon