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Petrified Forest

Every now and then you get that really sick feeling that you are doing something that you shouldn’t be doing, well today was such a day, apart from the light rain and strong wind condition, not long standing here, quite high up and close the the edge, a little voice said step back, it’s not worth the shot.

Unfortunately not many shots today, my filter was all covered in rain in no time.

Later this evening, I had a lovely meal at the local pub, my usual cider, i got chatting to a few locals didn’t take long before they realised I have been out getting more than my feet wet, chatting away, and i thought they were kidding, I was standing on only a few inches of rock, most of it has been washed away over time and could give way at anytime. Blimey!!!

You wouldn’t believe what they do for a living too, he said “I’m glad i didn’t met you in a different way, glad you are here to tell the tale”

Turns out they are both photographers, so i invited them out tomorrow and they said they will take me to see from a point that i can see underneath.

There were no signs or fences, I didn’t think twice, I mean we know where the best shot are taken from.

I was born at sea but I sure don’t want to die there.

Well the location definitely lives up to it’s name.



Straight to the Selfie Book

Now that was fun šŸ™‚

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