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Lake Daylesford, Victoria

Solo adventure this morning..I woke up at 4am, a couple of snuggles with my blanket before I decided to get up, packed my gear and off I went to Lake Daylesford.

New iPhone meant i had to listen to the same song over and over so my gps would work, U2 “You can’t leave where you are if you haven’t left” mmmm.

I have to say it was really creepy, my gps decided to take me through Rockbank, a quick stop for my egg and bacon Mcmuffin, can’t remember the last time I had one.

About 10 minutes before i arrived to Daylesford a Kangaroo decided to jump out in front of the car, sticking to 80km I slammed on the brakes, waited for the bang! He was to the left of me by then and he just kept hopping away into the darkness, I mean really we live in a massive country!!!

So when you see those signs about roos take them seriously, no mucking around in Australia!

It was still dark when I arrived, I couldn’t see the path and quite frankly a little scarred of the boogy  man, it didn’t take long for first light, wondered down and around for about 500 meters and there was the jetty, annoyed they have that horrible fencing, do they not consider photographers come out to play and not  don’t feel like cloning it out.

Met a few people today, mostly holiday makers, a little chat, I really love how people always share other locations close by.

Definitely will be back at some stage, a different season perhaps.

Another off my list, until second round 😉

Some Geese on the side of the road was the icing, they were waiting and when they realised I was stopping for them over the road they went, very sweet.

On the way home I noticed my petrol was real low, meh, I just made it. Spur of the moment trips, i never check!

I could do with a few hours sleep right about now, signing off, have a great weekend.




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