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Koonya Ocean Beach

Koonya Ocean Beach, Sunset stop

Between Blairgowrie and Sorrento along the Coppins Track._DSC2557-Edit_DSC2577-Edit


Below image taken from Koonya Beach towards Spray Point, for another day to explore._DSC2602

Diamond Bay, Sorrento

A great afternoon with my girls, didn’t take long for them to play with the waves and get soaked, only a few metres away so did i!!! Tide sure was coming in fast.

It’s been awhile since i visited here, a very generous offer got me over this way.

A quick research of on of the many beaches I have yet to explore.

A pano as we arrived.




Torquay, Jan Juc

A pleasant and easy walk from Torquay to Jan Juc. Surprisedly different how our seascape looks when the tide is out. Didn’t take long before i realised I have been here before walking from a different track. I am exploring this 4km walk.






Ocean Grove, Victoria

I saw these guys coming out of the water, so i grabbed my tripod and camera and walked towards them. Big smile on their face when I asked if they could pause for a moment, they turned around and proudly dug their surf boards in the sands, so i asked if they could turn towards the sea, one of them asked if i preferred their butts? I chuckled as i set up the camera, i should have got a shot facing me as well, both had those piercing blue eyes 🙂 Gotta love a good sport with that easy going Australian sense of humour!


The Ozone, Indented Head, Port Phillip Bay

Today’s outing….

Bellarine Peninsula (Port Phillip Bay)
The Ozone’s first bay excursion was on 18 December 1886, when she commenced a run between Melbourne and Queenscliff. On arrival she collided with the pier at Queenscliff.

In 1889, the Ozone was involved in a collision with the vessel Elfin, in Hobsons Bay, near Williamstown.

In 1894, she was involved in another collision, this time with the vessel May, in Port Phillip Bay.

The Ozone was withdrawn from service in 1918 and was sold to Melbourne shipbreaker J. Hill in March 1925. In October 1925 she was dismantled and her hull was sunk off-shore at Indented Head to form a breakwater for small craft.

The wreck is gradually eroding away. In April 1991, the starboard paddle wheel collapsed, dramatically changing the configuration of the remains. One of Ozone’s two anchors has been incorporated into an historical monument, which stands on the cliff-top near Taylor Reserve, Indented Head, overlooking the wreck.

Dive location
The wreckage of the Ozone remains visible about 50 metres offshore at Indented Head. The wreck is an easy shallow dive.


Jan Juc, Great Ocean Road

I love getting out amongst the rocks, a feeling of peace and joy although i have to say nothing brings me more to life than random people willing to participate while enjoying their day…

After all the world becomes even more beautiful with people in it!

I handed my card to one of these young girls, as always if they contact me, i am always happy to email a copy.

A little while earlier while out right on the edge of the rocks i noticed a bloke taking pics of me with his phone, as i walked back to the shore i stopped and had a chat, “I was waiting for you to get hit by a freak wave” mmm charming I thought 😉 and laughed it off.

Canon Infrared

Over the last two weeks I have been having a bit of a play with Infrared photography.

Using a converted Canon 60D

Around Fairfield, Melbourne

I am looking forward to having a bit more fun, a couple of locations in mind.


Wedding Workshop

Two sweet sisters modelled for community photography group in Gordon.

Just adorable, cheeky with a dash of giggles.

Self Portrait

Updating my self portrait while i wait for my next shoot.

Did you meet Phil earlier?

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Meet Phil

What a lovely gentle guy with a wicked smile and an infectious giggle!!!!

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