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Great Ocean Road to The Bellarine Peninsula

On the 10th of January 2014, I took my kids to Jan Juc for the first time, on this day it was more of a day trip rather that a photography day. Although I have been to Great Ocean Road many times, I had never heard of this beach, I saw an image somewhere and decided to explore for myself, needless to say I fell in love with it instantly! I have been to countless beautiful beaches in my time but this one has the most impact, happy memories with my kids?!!! That Indigo sky I love so much?! Over time it has become my sanctuary, my place of rest and exploration, my hideaway and sometimes even my conference room. On my first visit I found this cave and have not been able to find it since, a little serendipity…it’s led me to find so much more, although looking through my files from 2 years ago, I have found many clues and realised I have  walked straight past it many times! The tide can hide and reveal so much. I have been working of this project on and off for the past two years, lots of research and mapping out, although the more I look the more I find, it’s just spectacular. I have my markers in place so continuing on this journey for as long as it takes, venturing out to my childhood places to The Bellarine Peninsula and Mornington Peninsula in between! And a few Overseas trips. I wish I could just say “beam me up Scotty” to each location on my list and “Surprise Me!”.


untitled shoot-3113

My inspiration, I gave this print to an Italian exchange student that was staying with us last year.


I love that one of my kids my sitting right beside me when I took this shot.

untitled shoot-2995

Enjoying the simple things in life..

untitled shoot-3066

Exactly how I feel at Jan Juc

untitled shoot-3130

Moments to reflect and just be.

untitled shoot-3143

Playing with the water.

untitled shoot-3156

Randoms taken at another time, enjoying one of our beautiful Australian beaches.


To do list!

Starting from my furthest point marked!! 

I wasn’t kidding when I said I needed a toilet roll, lots of research and my list gets bigger, I think I am being a little over ambitious with my time frame, over a 3 hour drive, about an hour walk, gee I hope they mean return!!

Stay tuned!!! I better have buns of steel after this!!!

RoRo Cafe Queenscliff 

If you have been following my travels you will know that last week I went left of my centre to Queenscliff, I met the lovely Allan who asked for some of my work to display at RoRo, 5 pieces from my printed gallery are now on display for all to enjoy, all images are available for purchase, off the wall or Re prints to your desired size, so if you are down that way, be sure to stop in for a great meal and drink, and enjoy the view, it spectacular!!! I got my shoot fix, this time the tide was in and my rocky pier was ummmm, safe!!! The things we do for love 😊

Queenscliff, Victoria

A great day out, connecting both bays, Queens Cliff looking over to the Mornington Peninsula, I didn’t realise how close, 45 minute crossing with Searoad Ferries.




Searoad Ferries, on it’s way to Sorrento


Point Nepean










Micro Photography and High Speed Flash

You are only a failure if you quit!

Not very successful today but I sure gave it a good crack, ask the glass!


Next week I think I will go vertical!


Experimental Tuesday

RoRo Café & Food store at Queenscliff

Official Website

Free Friday, feeling nostalgic Thursday night, I decided to visit left of my centre for a day visit, Queenscliff is a place I came fishing with my dad when I was a girl, I caught my first squid! and it holds some very fond memories for me. I thought it was a great idea to stop off and get something to eat first, nice Pastie!! While I was paying for it I looked out out over her should out the window to my delight I saw a very cool old pier and the amazing view of Point Nepean, my shot already created in my mind! being lunch time and busy, I went outside to enjoy food, watching the waves crash and do it’s dance, like a good Australia I put the paper bag in my pocket only to realise later the sauce spilled out, mmm does that make me Saucy now?! I went for a walk, revisiting some of my fav spots, thinking I will come back later to shoot for the inside of the cafe… I ordered a hot chocolate and the staff were more than friendly allowing me to rearrange the furniture. My mission today was to connect both bays that I have been photographing over the last 3 years, to unite them, just like the sea ferry does, must do that crossing again and shoot from the other side, it’s been awhile. So if you are heading down to Queencliff be sure to stop in and enjoy that amazing view with something yum to eat and drink.


Recon day at low tide

iPhone pics

Redback Boots



A little product photography, wasn’t too sure how I would feel about it but then I got the thumbs up to make it my own! I do enjoy the process of lighting my products, the shoot and of course the edit. I love a challenge and it was great to mix it up with my passion photography as well. These are my second pair of Redback Boots and I love them, from land to sea. I had to wait two weeks before I could wear them as they needed to be brand new for the shoot. Strong, steady and full of grip for those slippery seascapes, they wash up a treat and I feel pretty tough in them too!

My Editing Work Flow


I thought i would share with you my work flow, or my selection process, these images were taken late 2015 and I have only ever shared one, Like most photographers i am emotionally attached to my images, the sites, the sounds, the feelings of the day so sometimes it makes it really hard to choose my best, I usually do a quick view, quite often stopping at the one that jumps out without looking at the rest, excited much?! I always upload as soon as i get in, the few times I haven’t somehow they have been lost, Mystery! Although not happened lately, but that’s another story. Time frame here about two hours, walking, looking, smiling, shooting, sitting and watching and of course playing around with the water. Having a right ol giggle with the beach to myself, who knows i may be posted as someone else’s random, looking like a nutter, waves crashing in and lifting up the tripod. I remember when i first started I just about shared everything, a little tougher on myself these days and need to get harsher and if i only get one image on the day, that is satisfying enough, it’s more than a shoot, its my way of life, what brings me peace and joy. Photography makes me travel, travel makes me photograph, I love the randoms I meet , my 10 minute friendships, funny how strangers can share so much, Or the really quiet days just focusing on what i see while everything else just melts away, heaven.


All images from shoot, minus a few, Most of the time i will try a pano shoot for each location. I import into Lightroom and copy as dng on an external drive under year, category, location, star rate, add keywords, create a collection under year and category, then colour the ones I want to edit.


1st Selections with the pano that didn’t work and one that did.

lizzardblackand white

Favourites converted to  Black and White. Not all fully edited


And of course colour, sometimes even imaging things i would like to encounter on the beach. A little photoshop fun.