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Pearce Beach, Pearses Beach, Blairgowrie, Victoria, Australia

I have been looking for this bench for a little while now. I was not the driver on the day i first saw, it was the end of a day trip, i was cold and tired and distraction, so a quick look and off we went saying i want to come back. I did ask the driver a few times about this beach but he didn’t seem to remember where it was…..mmm….with clever research, starting with closing my eyes and remembering the track, I did a google search, it sure did take awhile to find, then for some reason Pearces Beach stood out, the track looked right, so up before dawn and off I went, I had the biggest smile on my face when i saw that bench and lots of inner laughing!!!!! It was a little drizzly so i didn’t get the shots i wanted, i did however enjoy the view from the cave i found, i did panic at one stage when the water was almost all the way in, I had a look around the corner, lots of seaspray so lots of watching and smiling and thinking about timing to get back out. A few pics later i decided to call it a day as i was walking out i saw a track and thought why not, well I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was, i climbed down and out to the edge, Peninsula coastal walk I think, but I know where it is now and I will definitely be back down there soon for a longer walk along that coastline.
On the way out God smiled at me with sunshine so I thought i would mark my triumph with a selfie. mmmm seems to have two spellings for this beach.


Pano cave


The spectacular viewing point


One just before the rain come own


The amazing coast just to the left


The hypnotics of the waves…I could have watched for hours, I’ll be back


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