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RoRo Café & Food store at Queenscliff

Official Website

Free Friday, feeling nostalgic Thursday night, I decided to visit left of my centre for a day visit, Queenscliff is a place I came fishing with my dad when I was a girl, I caught my first squid! and it holds some very fond memories for me. I thought it was a great idea to stop off and get something to eat first, nice Pastie!! While I was paying for it I looked out out over her should out the window to my delight I saw a very cool old pier and the amazing view of Point Nepean, my shot already created in my mind! being lunch time and busy, I went outside to enjoy food, watching the waves crash and do it’s dance, like a good Australia I put the paper bag in my pocket only to realise later the sauce spilled out, mmm does that make me Saucy now?! I went for a walk, revisiting some of my fav spots, thinking I will come back later to shoot for the inside of the cafe… I ordered a hot chocolate and the staff were more than friendly allowing me to rearrange the furniture. My mission today was to connect both bays that I have been photographing over the last 3 years, to unite them, just like the sea ferry does, must do that crossing again and shoot from the other side, it’s been awhile. So if you are heading down to Queencliff be sure to stop in and enjoy that amazing view with something yum to eat and drink.



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