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Gantheaume Point

Waiting for the sunset, loads of people around, i set up for my shot about 20 minutes before, they all seemed to disappear, distracted as I was helping a lady take pics with her iPad, seemed really quiet and I turned around to see all these people behind me, I smiled and laughed, one guy yells out, well we figured you picked the best spot so we thought taking the pic from your angle was best, all laughed and someone else, yep that’s right you look professional, respect to all these people 😊😊


Hired a car for my last 4 days and spent the day cruising around Broome, bit of a recon ..I thought i would treat a couple of Young French backpackers to a day out,  chilled, laid back  although the onset of the flu, only wearing thongs {flip-flops} I didn’t think it was a  not a good idea to climb down to look for Dinosaur prints, , An Irishman asked me if I knew where they were, I showed him according to the map and told him that it has to be a really low tide to see them and that won’t happen for a few weeks, he replies “I may be Irish but ….” hahhahha I said “i can’t prove either way but here look at the pic” hahhahahha I can’t get over how long his socks were, I mean it’s bloody hot!!! I couldn’t wear my Redback boots once! A beautiful sunset to end the daygantheumecollage.jpg


AIPP Reflections Project – Remembering our WWII Veterans.

Photographed as part of the AIPP Reflections Project – Remembering our WWII Veterans.

What an absolute privilege and honour it was to meet these two fine gentleman this morning! If you know me personally then you would know that I have soft spot for “Pearls of Wisdom.”

_DSC1433-EditHenrylogo copy_DSC1446Harrylogo-Edit copy



When Henry and Harry met Silv!

Cape Leveque

After a 2 hour scenic flight we finally arrived at Cape Leveque, with little time, a 10 minute walk through hot red sand down to the beach, I didn’t quite make it to the little island, one can only run so far with gear, I didn’t get time for a swim although I did feel that warm water rush over half my body, It was just beautiful.



My original plan was to either drive up myself, mmmmm “not without a four wheel drive “they said!! I looked into a tour but that particular one was not running, A flight up and back, although turned out to be the perfect option…_DSC1041


Kimberley Aviation, Broome, Australia 

A massive thank to Kyle our pilot for the day, he was kind enough to bump me up to the front seat allowing me to open the window on many occasions on our flight back from Cape Leveque, I will be uploading my favourites to My Red Bubble Page

Thank you Kimberly Aviation, fantastic and friendly service, from pick up to drop off.


Aerial Photography

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A massive thank you to all these lovely people who allowed me to ride in the front seat for the day, so very very grateful, thank you so much for your kindness.


Town Beach, Broome, Western Australia

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Today I decided to take the bus into Town, starting at my furtherest point, I spent hours here, I walked through the Mangroves as the tide went out, sat and watched and I was just smiling away in absolute bliss, I never made it to town, I think I went past it!!!

town beach

The bus driver was so helpful, I was looking for the old jetty although he told me it was long gone…It was hot, I got soaked so I decided to shoot in my nickers, no one seemed to care and neither did I! Later chatting to some people who live here and told me, yeah mmmmm crocks!!! I only went past my knees before I went to the deepest parts, looked pretty safe to me!!! There was not way I would jump in, Big Nik would never survive!!!



You gotta love Italians!!

Met a couple of guys during the day at The Wharf, quick introduction and a chat, I gave them a few spots to go checkout. Later I bumped into them, they were staying at the same place. I was heading out to Mangrove Hotel to watch the Staircase to the moon again and invited them as a must see! They loved it, good laugh, beers and cider, boom invitation to dinner, they had caught fish and cooked one up for us, this big, they even cleaned up! What a treat, then went off to Zee Bar, in my pjs, I always said I would do it, a really great night with some lovely guys, their 50 birthday road trip 😊

Cable Beach, Broome, Australia

I finally made it! 7 years in the making! Broome was the last on my list of cities in Australia, now it’s become the top with so many other places I want to visit, the more you travel, the more you realise how much you haven’t seen. I am so very blessed to have done any. I remember telling myself, it will always be here, I’ll do it once I settle back in Australia, And so I have from 2004, mostly family trips. 1st trips to Sydney, who remembers Mystery flights, I thought it would be funny to send ourselves postcards and so we did. Of course a week later I forgot all about it and smiled when my mum said there was a postcard from a Silvia, hahahah, I called to let her know i was there and she didn’t believe me!


Cable Beach, One of way too many, excited much?!

I know, I know it’s been done thousands of times, but my first.


Slide Show

Staircase To The Moon

Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon which occurs when a full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. The Staircase to the Moon happens 2 – 3 days a month between March and October. I was lucky enough to see this twice! It’s just spectacular.


Auswest Car Hire, Broome

Absolutely fantastic service!
Donna was kind enough to pick me up from my accommodation, Drive me back to her office, filled out the paperwork and off I went, great car to cruise around Broome, I just dropped off the car and she was kind enough to take me to the airport, very professional and great service.

Experimental Tuesday


Slit Scan Photography, Not sure when I would ever use this but as always interesting to try new things.