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Road trip! from Loch Ard to Torquay. A lot right from my centre!

My Tripod 45 mins later, right where I left in, Thank you for your honesty Peeps of Torquay!

I need to clean my car!

A good exhausted after a great trip.

Breakfast at Sandbah before calling it a day.

From Loch Ard Gorge to Torquay, 3 days and two nights, what a great adventure I had, At Loch Ard technically I was unsuccessful, high winds and not realising my tripod was loose made for blurry pics, still my heart and eyes exploded with delight, success! Meeting lots of people along the way, Ah I love 10 minute friendships!!! Even having my name called out that they have met me along the coast before, what are the chances of that?! Such a huge stretch. So much to smile at and many laughs, an old lady over taking me on Great Ocean Road with that look! I know it said 80km but I was comfortable at 65km, better to arrive alive and enjoy. On day one I by passed a few beaches I had intended to stop at, seas pray and not be able to find accomodation reasonably priced, Stopping at The Gables, short scary walk, thinking what am i thinking!!! I drove in the dark, that was scary, I started to imagine all sorts of scary scenes from movies I have seen, was someone in the backseat? omg, i didn’t check, still, I chuckled to myself, Music up and sang! Arriving at Apollo Bay, found a nice pub for a meal and a cider and a place to sleep. Day two, up early for a sunrise shoot, found a fellow photographer all set up, i went over to say hello, we both need coffee!  Another Love place?! 9.30am rolled in, beautiful morning and a stroll along the beach, batteries dying again, Live view, what a drainer. I decided to find a cafe, they were kind enough to charge up my battery while I had 2 coffees and gluten free banana bread with a serious amount of butter, yum, that kept me going all day. Stops along the way, a good soaking from being distracted on my phone, mmm I should know better, I did laugh and a little squeal as the water hit my body, sure does let you know you are alive! Arrived at Lorne, another battery charge and a stawberry milkshake, plan was to shoot sunset at Point Addis. Half way to Red Rocks, still windy and so much seaspray I turned back intending to come back for sunrise. Stopped in Torquay where I met an American, an Australia and a Polish guy, no we didn’t walk into a bar, but the Aussie said “do you want a beer?!” “Sure!!! Normally I would have a cider but hey, why not?!” really nice guys and very funny, the Aussie come down just for a surf, good enough reason 😊 Captain American taking a few days while on a business trip from China and Polish guy riding his bike from WA To Sydney for absolutely no reason but he likes to ride his bike. Day three, Got caught up chatting in the morning, a last minute change of plans for sunrise, wrong car park! I could see the beautiful glow in the sky, jumped back in the car drove towards it up the road, one minute to spare i ran out on the beach capturing the beginning of another great day. Moved further along the coast to reshoot The Haystacks, I saw a young girl at the top of the cliff shooting away, waved at each other as i kept going, tide coming in wet boots and a smile, time to get down to point Addis, I arrived ready for that hike, grabbed my gear only to realise i left my tripod behind, heart sinks, a little prayer and back to Torquay, and there is was just where i left it! Thank you God! Time to call it a day…the plan was to get back Saturday afternoon before my girls arrived home, after all it was Mother’s Day Sunday, I am so very blessed they are really great about me taking off on little adventures, I so missed them, extra hugs and kisses while i told them of my adventures and where i want to take them back to, life is so much better with those that stand beside you….Well I could go on and far too much detail that I will keep to myself, nothing sinister! lol. No doubt i will be going back to the centre of my peaceful world. So time to save the pennies and prepare. While i have my tides sorted, weather, sunrise – sunset I need one more app to align my stars for the next trip, sigh, so much planning! I love it!


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