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Something very special!


A few days ago I came across a post and couldn’t resist contacting Caitlin and Alicia. A gift in so many ways, what stood out for me? A mother teaching her daughter something incredible, the gift of giving, the gift of making a change. A precious daughter looking up to her mum, and together doing something beautiful for others….

My seven year old daughter Alicia and I are cutting our hair to donate it to a company called Louis Barnett and son, they make wigs for cancer patients and also people with alopecia. We both have never had such a big haircut but we are excited about the change and how many people we could help. When I found out that The Orange Pigeon was the only wish granting charity in Australia that grants wishes to terminally ill adults 18 years and over I really wanted to do something to help. We hope to raise $1500 because that’s roughly how much one wish costs and we hope to do this by 1-8-2016. Every little bit counts even if it is $5 to $10 it really does make all the difference in the end. Thank you all so much for all the love and support we have received so far Alicia and I really do appreciate it. Caitlin

The link for the go find me page is

 2 newspapers articles.

The Facebook page for the charity is

The company that we are donating our hair to is Louis Barnett and son and their website is

How do you change the world?

One single act of random kindness at a time!

Our Children Are Our Future.

One Random Act Of Kindness


Meet Grace from Behind The Hair.

Behind The Hair


Always a pleasure working with this gorgeous woman, such an inspiration!

Grace Vassallo is a mum, successful hairdresser, business owner, author and accredited coach.

Grace followed her passion for hair she’s had since an early age to complete Certificate III in hairdressing in 2000 with Pivot Point Hair Design College in Melbourne. While still learning, Grace was nominated to enter the WorldSkills competition, winning the state competition and making the national competition in Newcastle.
After graduating from the Certificate III course, she commenced working in a small barber shop. After wanting to grow her skills in all areas of hairdressing, she moved to a bigger salon and started growing her clientele. She discovered her passion for customer service whilst growing her clientele.
In 2003, Grace started her own business whilst working in the salon.
After having to cut down her workload in the field due to health concerns, Grace moved to the financial services industry for a change of pace. Her passion for hairdressing was well and truly alive and after 5 years she moved to study and gain her Diploma in Life Coaching through The Coaching Institute.
She founded Behind The Hair based on her passion for hairdressing and customer service to assist the salon owners to design their ideal salon business, grow clientele through an outstanding customer service experience and enjoy the rewards of being a salon owner.
Through her research and experience in the industry, she found many business owners were not investing in themselves or their staff and as a result, they paid the price dearly through working many long hours, having a high staff turnover, having an unsteady client base and being exhausted by the week’s end only to have to do it all over again the next week.
It’s her mission to create a movement in the industry and helping salon owners work less and earn more. To live life to the fullest by creating a business that can run without the owners necessarily being there. To have staff who LOVE working for their bosses and treat the business like it were their own. To have quality staff that stick around for the long haul, during the good and the bad times. To have a team that has each others backs. To have a solidly booked salon with clients who are hungry to come back for more and bring their friends along too!
She has created methodologies that have been proven to be successful in her own business and she wants to share it with salon owners who don’t have the time or money to keep making the costly mistakes that are holding them back from their full business potential.
There is so much more Behind The Hair…

Custom Workshops with Silvia Tomarchio

One on One.

Over the years I have spent hours with people over chat, the phone and can you pop in for half hour? that ends up being 4!
To get to the top of the mountain you need to climb and chances are when you come out to me, you will! one step at a time. While its a lovely compliment the amount of people that seek tips and tricks, it is impossible to teach all that I have learnt in the last 7 years in one conversation. And still learning………………………… First we need to establish where you are at, then what you would like to learn.
Personal advice, study composition, there is way more than the rules of 3rd’s, Join your local camera club and practise, practise, practice, just get out there, we live in a digital age, mistakes are great, they tell you what you need to focus on. “Pardon the pun”
For those starting out, I recommend Essendon camera club, they run a 12 week basic tech camera course, once a year. A great foundation for understanding your camera. Lots of outings to practise and ask question, the rest is self directed learning or workshops. And practise, practise and more practise…..The are a great bunch of old school photographers, filled with and enormous amount of knowledge, The course is so affordable and a great foundation.
I really do understand how it feels when you first start….It was hard to ask questions, As you don’t know what you don’t know, that is where I step in to help you move forward……

I don’t presume to know everything but I know what I know.

“When you are green you grow, when you are ripe you rot!”


A Coloured Winter’s Day

_DSC1957-EditIn search of snow today out at Mt Macedon in Victoria, well i guess we missed it for this week, couldn’t resist doing a u turn to take this pic, a little fence to jump, I loved the shadows cast by the giant trees behind me….It would have been interesting to stay as the sun moved with time…


Top Of The Range Cafe

A beautiful woman

About month ago as some of you know, I was over in Broome for a week, I packed my favourite lenses, spare everything except for a spare battery charger. Having a great day at Town beach through the mangroves in my undies, i used up one battery, live view hey!!! With my usual routine, when i got in I pull out my charger to my devastation, it wasn’t working, omg, I have planned this trip for 7 years, I have yet to do my aerial photography and more and 5 days to go! I started asking everyone what camera they had, even another guest posted it on Broome camera club, nothing!!!!

Feeling crap and 24 minutes to sunset i walked  to Cable beach to watch the sunset, I took my camera and promised myself only 4  shots trying to save battery, needless to say it was a beautiful way to end the day.

On my way back I was having conversations with God, praying for the charger to work when i got back, asking myself, how could this be, holding back tears, I’m a lucky person shit like this doesn’t happen to me, I asked for a little miracle, nope it wasn’t working when i got back……I met Ayumi and asked if she had a camera, she did, we tried her cable but it didn’t work, she then offers me her Olympus camera with all her lenses for the rest of the week, taken back, thinking are you sure? asking myself would i do that? I asked “are you sure?”, “yes” she said. I knew she meant it, a few years back I was in Japan and they have to be the nicest people i have ever met in all my travel, I have so many kindness stories from that trip with my girls, so helpful and beautiful. The few times we got lost, when we asked for directions, they say, “I will take you there” and  walk with us, “are you sure?” “yes, I have time” Time, what a beautiful gift to give, Wow I thought. Note :don’t use the lobster as a landmark, didn’t take long before we realised they were everywhere.

Spectacular Reddell beach on the day before i left, until the battery ran out, gee it did alright, then i packed it all up and sat in the  water, smile, warm sun on my face and a feeling of satisfaction, closed my eyes to re visit all that I had seen. The evening came quickly…i went to see the Staircase to the moon for the second time, no camera, Ayumi was meant to meet up so i left her camera for her, she called to say she couldn’t make it and then she organising the Italian guys to bring the camera and my tripod, what a gal!

Set up the camera and this young Irish guy sets up beside me, we chat, then yell out “omg where have you been all week?” he just looks at me, so I explain, can you believe he had a Nikon D810!!!! I mean come on, you have got to be kidding! And he had a spare battery I could have used to shoot the moon!

We all had a great dinner when we got back, fresh fish of the day, they cooked and cleaned up. The morning i was leaving I drove down to the beach to have a few quiet moments of gratitude, she called, thought i had left for the airport. Of course I was going to give her a massive hug before I left.

With so much love and gratitude, I thank you sweet lady for your kindness and generosity,  our home is always open for you when you come to Melbourne, I will be waiting with open arms and road trips!!!! So God didn’t give me the miracle I asked for but he gave me a beautiful new friendship……A very precious gift. So I guess I am lucky after all, now matter how far and wide of beautiful a destination is, it’s made special by the people you mean….even the 10 minute friendships…..but that’s another story…


A spare two for my next trip!

My Journey thus far…..

photoshopEgAfter teaching myself photography and editing for over four years, there were three reasons I decided to go back to study, one to learn Photoshop, more studio lighting,and my love of the arts ever since I can remember. Photoshop and lighting to enhance my portrait work, that was over two and a half years ago!!! Since then there has been 100’s more reasons. It has not always been an easy ride….Taking on subjects that I would not have otherwise. I have slowed down a little to balance out my busy life around 3 kids, winning a few awards along the way, with 6 classes to go, at this rate I will be done by the end of 2017, no rush! I have learnt so much and all with the aim of producing high quality work, prints and personal artwork. I was lucky enough to skip Cert IV, as it was suggested I work towards my Diploma and that is what I am doing. After years of teaching myself, to use my then Nikon D5000 {little Nik} camera and editing, like most I started with Picasa as it’s free! Then onto Photoshop Elements, A friend introduced me to Lightroom, took awhile to try it out, then I came across Phil Steel $47 bucks changed my life, I think i sat all day watching the tutorials, I remember the cataloging bit where he said, “don’t skip this you will be sorry later” and yes I was, I was so excited to learn I ignored his advice, not these days though, I start all my edits there then open in Photoshop, I have my workflow down packed and very comfortable in it. While formal training is great, it is only the foundation, you must be motivated to take on hours and hours of self directed learning, I learn at least one thing new with each art piece which keeps me out of trouble…..Learning Photoshop has given me the tools to create images that often pop into my mind out of nowhere, some are personal experiences or stories I have been told, Currently I am working on a project “Awareness against bullying”. Quite often I sit quietly and remind myself why I went back to the arts, but that’s another story. Although I did plan to go back to study when all my kids were at school, which I did, Just not fine arts as I had planned, this is a great substitute, They thought it was a bit funny when mum said “i have school today” When I close my eyes I constantly ask myself “how can I help others with my Photography” hence my little side projects. My voice, my need to express myself and help others, I love both sides of my photography, sometimes combining both, the possibilities are endless, I get asked often if I can show them this or that, I use to spend hours, these days, I set a very simple task, if they come back to me, we go from there, You cannot get to the top of the mountain without climbing it and I am still on my way up. There is so much more to my journey, it’s also given me the confidence to blog, no one will believe me but I was a shy to express my inner thoughts except with a close few…these days I am happy to share my adventures, not caring if I miss a few words here or there. So I will leave myself another piece of advice that I give to my girls, Do what you love, learn as much as you can so you can be the best you can be. Learning makes me happy. My kids are just awesome about what I do, Photography makes me travel more, and more travel makes me photograph, I love a simple life. Oh and thank you to a few of the teachers that have been amazing along the way…And some to motivate me to teach myself more… 😉

Corporate and Environmental Portraits

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My Official Website

Too busy to take time out from your busy work schedule?

I am happy to come out to you!


It’s not ‘just’ a Headshot!

With social media and our online presence playing such a huge role today in the success of our businesses, it is now more important than ever to be seen often, and in the best possible light.

Children’s Portrait 

This little girl was an absolute dreams, only crying because she didn’t want to leave!!! Sent these off to the printers today, I cannot wait to pick them up!

Children’s Portrait Sessions 

Yesterday we celebrated my youngest 8th birthday with her school friends, and my favourite little man from her Kinder days, yes the one that bought her shoes one year! There was a lot of excited kids jumping around and that was before sugar, It’s great seeing lots of smiles and laughter and beautiful friendships. I really can’t believe how time flys!!! Every year we have done a photoshoot for her, so she has finally decided on her style for this year, based around one of her birthday gifts, I do admire a little lady who knows what she wants…Mum just goes with the flow..