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Fun Friday

Spent a great day with Ms Leopold today!! Fun fun fun is all I was thinking and cider on the drive up from Melbourne… hehehehe. I love when great minds think alike, “hey you know where we should go?”

“way ahead of you baby!!! that cider joint!!!” I have driven past The Flying Brick Cider Co so many times….and never had the time to stop…I will make a point of it next time I am down that way..Finally

 My new favourite place to eat in the Bellerine!!! ok lets start with the cider, a fun friendly waitress let us sample all six ciders!!!!! Hard choice, all had their own charm, then along came lunch, slow cooked lamb, omg, it was just amazing, more than enough for two, but we did our best!! One more cider? why not, the chefs were great, really friendly and I had to go share how much we enjoyed our lunch and of course cider…Happy days

Snapshots of the day


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