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My Journey thus far…..

photoshopEgAfter teaching myself photography and editing for over four years, there were three reasons I decided to go back to study, one to learn Photoshop, more studio lighting,and my love of the arts ever since I can remember. Photoshop and lighting to enhance my portrait work, that was over two and a half years ago!!! Since then there has been 100’s more reasons. It has not always been an easy ride….Taking on subjects that I would not have otherwise. I have slowed down a little to balance out my busy life around 3 kids, winning a few awards along the way, with 6 classes to go, at this rate I will be done by the end of 2017, no rush! I have learnt so much and all with the aim of producing high quality work, prints and personal artwork. I was lucky enough to skip Cert IV, as it was suggested I work towards my Diploma and that is what I am doing. After years of teaching myself, to use my then Nikon D5000 {little Nik} camera and editing, like most I started with Picasa as it’s free! Then onto Photoshop Elements, A friend introduced me to Lightroom, took awhile to try it out, then I came across Phil Steel $47 bucks changed my life, I think i sat all day watching the tutorials, I remember the cataloging bit where he said, “don’t skip this you will be sorry later” and yes I was, I was so excited to learn I ignored his advice, not these days though, I start all my edits there then open in Photoshop, I have my workflow down packed and very comfortable in it. While formal training is great, it is only the foundation, you must be motivated to take on hours and hours of self directed learning, I learn at least one thing new with each art piece which keeps me out of trouble…..Learning Photoshop has given me the tools to create images that often pop into my mind out of nowhere, some are personal experiences or stories I have been told, Currently I am working on a project “Awareness against bullying”. Quite often I sit quietly and remind myself why I went back to the arts, but that’s another story. Although I did plan to go back to study when all my kids were at school, which I did, Just not fine arts as I had planned, this is a great substitute, They thought it was a bit funny when mum said “i have school today” When I close my eyes I constantly ask myself “how can I help others with my Photography” hence my little side projects. My voice, my need to express myself and help others, I love both sides of my photography, sometimes combining both, the possibilities are endless, I get asked often if I can show them this or that, I use to spend hours, these days, I set a very simple task, if they come back to me, we go from there, You cannot get to the top of the mountain without climbing it and I am still on my way up. There is so much more to my journey, it’s also given me the confidence to blog, no one will believe me but I was a shy to express my inner thoughts except with a close few…these days I am happy to share my adventures, not caring if I miss a few words here or there. So I will leave myself another piece of advice that I give to my girls, Do what you love, learn as much as you can so you can be the best you can be. Learning makes me happy. My kids are just awesome about what I do, Photography makes me travel more, and more travel makes me photograph, I love a simple life. Oh and thank you to a few of the teachers that have been amazing along the way…And some to motivate me to teach myself more… 😉


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