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Meet Grace from Behind The Hair.

Behind The Hair


Always a pleasure working with this gorgeous woman, such an inspiration!

Grace Vassallo is a mum, successful hairdresser, business owner, author and accredited coach.

Grace followed her passion for hair she’s had since an early age to complete Certificate III in hairdressing in 2000 with Pivot Point Hair Design College in Melbourne. While still learning, Grace was nominated to enter the WorldSkills competition, winning the state competition and making the national competition in Newcastle.
After graduating from the Certificate III course, she commenced working in a small barber shop. After wanting to grow her skills in all areas of hairdressing, she moved to a bigger salon and started growing her clientele. She discovered her passion for customer service whilst growing her clientele.
In 2003, Grace started her own business whilst working in the salon.
After having to cut down her workload in the field due to health concerns, Grace moved to the financial services industry for a change of pace. Her passion for hairdressing was well and truly alive and after 5 years she moved to study and gain her Diploma in Life Coaching through The Coaching Institute.
She founded Behind The Hair based on her passion for hairdressing and customer service to assist the salon owners to design their ideal salon business, grow clientele through an outstanding customer service experience and enjoy the rewards of being a salon owner.
Through her research and experience in the industry, she found many business owners were not investing in themselves or their staff and as a result, they paid the price dearly through working many long hours, having a high staff turnover, having an unsteady client base and being exhausted by the week’s end only to have to do it all over again the next week.
It’s her mission to create a movement in the industry and helping salon owners work less and earn more. To live life to the fullest by creating a business that can run without the owners necessarily being there. To have staff who LOVE working for their bosses and treat the business like it were their own. To have quality staff that stick around for the long haul, during the good and the bad times. To have a team that has each others backs. To have a solidly booked salon with clients who are hungry to come back for more and bring their friends along too!
She has created methodologies that have been proven to be successful in her own business and she wants to share it with salon owners who don’t have the time or money to keep making the costly mistakes that are holding them back from their full business potential.
There is so much more Behind The Hair…


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