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Blurred Clarity

Sometimes I feel like one day blurs into the next, going through the motions, swimming upstream, holding my breath, barely feeling the rise and fall of my chest.

I put my hands over my face and squeeze in an attempt to stop the world spinning, Countless thoughts that make me want to scream, “stop, slow down, focus, one at a time!!!!” My body frozen, am i asleep? I breath, my mind slows down, i break it down, I feel…oh I wish I could write my words….Tell the stories i want to tell, the good stuff, the story behind the image. Nothing is by chance, you see what you want to see according to who lives inside.

Then along comes someone, thats asks…. you begin to remember, when, why, how.

Air fills my lungs until they can fill no more, Passion rises, words flow from the chapters of my story…my very own story.

I forget how far I have to go and think fuck! look how far i have come. No story is greater or worse than another, It is our own personal story, lessons to grow us, to become better people and help each other. Our stories should heal not hurt, Give not gain.                          My story will not be in vain. Thank you stream for making me stronger.

A wise man told me earlier this evening, “Fuck it Silv, they will judge you anyway.”

MMMM I guess so, people will judge you according to who lives inside.

So if I a word, take it or leave it, my excitement to share is faster than my typing, If I misspell a word, you can correct it if you like, if it really bothers you, fix it and email it to me, it will no longer stop me from sharing what I want to share….I am who i am and I’m ok with that! You cannot steal the light that each of us carry, it’s up to us to create our own, burn bright and not let others put it out.





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