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Re Inventing Myself

Just one of my many pieces that I throw together very quickly when the idea comes, sometimes inspired by a day out, people, parts of the image, this is an unfinished piece, well over cooked!!! It’s part of my visual diary, strike while the irons hot, they say, so I’m not concerned how kooky or poorly put together it is at this stage, I just follow what I see in the moment, my internal dialogue, my emotional state, a chapter in my mind if you will.


Happy Monday!!! Nice to have the morning to myself.

This semester one of my subjects towards completing my Photoimaging diploma is Web design, I thought it would be a bit of a dry subject, coding etc but it turns out they have changed the course outline and I am inspired. One of the assignments is to create my own logo, so that has sparked a new name. Random Moment In Time, came about with my street photography and apparently, I’m random, in conversations and definitely in thoughts. The name was thrown at me and it kind of stuck, As my intention and focus has evolved, I feel it’s time for new…. where i am at now.

I still haven’t decided  which new site i will create for my new web page. As I am dedicated to all my different genres. That being said, I am sure by the end of the year, i should be able to create one for each, one at a time.


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