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Who are you judging?

PerceptionWho ever you meet in life, there must be a pay off….ask Dr Phil….

When ever you meet people in life, part of getting to know each other can be a line of questioning during the conversation, where connection or disconnection begins…. intention, some will ask as a measure of their own life, some to cut you down and others to find your fire that ignites you from within, igniting their own flame. Not the end of my thoughts but leaving it up to you to decide, after all that’s what it all about. In the delivery and receiving it’s always all about you, based on own very own personal experiences in life, there is no right or wrong just personal interpretation. When someone wounds us with their words, walls go up, all sorts of conversations run through your mind, but how many actually ask themselves why did that hurt so much? taking responsibly for the reaction. And realise it is a cause and effect from both parties, it is not to say that some don’t intend to build you up or tear you down and that’s not really the point I am expressing, that again it up to you to decide.

This image was inspired by my 16 year old daughter after a brief conversation last night, her one line advice completely stopped every other thought I was having, my spectacular young lady. While our conversation will remain private…she left me with one last line based on her attitude….and her attitude for me is spot on…I will take her advice and apply it to my own life….

Rise up and shine, people will judge you anyway…….

When you are green you grow, when you are ripe you rot!!!!


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