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Archive for September, 2016

My backyard 

A liitle edit break in my backyard with yellow to brighten my day 😊

Basic edits vs full

The Gorgeous couple

Meet Rajesh Sha


Contact Raj

Meet Raj, A really happy easy going guy….
He asked for two corporate head shots, one for his Linkedin profile and one for his website.
He visited my studio in Taylors Hill.
I suggested a classic portrait and one with a little creative lighting, both captured that great smile.
Always fantastic to meet people who know what they want and together we create their shoot.

Meet Chawki Mallouk

This was a collaboration with 3 other people, they have asked me not to include credits on my social pages.

These are the images I photographed on the day.

Chawki from Mallouk Shoes , a really lovely guy who allowed me into his place of business, his world if you like.

I didn’t want to come off all arty, as he completed his work, I asked “show me the love for your shoe” without moving any other part of his body he looked at me and replied “my art”

I was quick to respond with “I’m so happy you said that!” it really is!

2 hours of shoot time, in this time, he created his art, sharing his workflow, often forgetting I was there, a man who truly loves his creation and his work is just beautiful.

Having flat wide feet myself I can appreciate custom made shoes, especially for your wedding day.



About Mallouk Shoes, one of Victoria’s most experienced and trusted shoe companies, is a family business which has stood the test of time for more than 100 years, handed down from grandfather to father to son.

Their attention to detail and passion for unique couture footwear is second to none.
Mallouk Shoes have an extensive collection of wedding and evening shoe styles to ensure you put your very best foot forward, no matter what the occasion.

They create custom, hand-made shoes and matching handbags specifically for you, using a style, size, heel height, material and color that match your gown.

More importantly, Mallouk Shoes know how much looking good means to you, they have the answer to every question you may have and will always ensure that you get your shoes on time – no matter where you may be.

Indulge your feet and dress your best with Mallouk Shoes; the most elegant name in footwear

Happy Spring

There is something about Spring
that remind me of being a little girl…
Daisy chains and butterflys
warm sun and imaginery games.
Here’s to a new season, have a blessed one….