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Chhat Puja, Siliguri

Day 3

So i am not going to pretend that I know what the festival was about! All i know is that it was amazing to witness and this is just some of the India I wanted to experience. There was music, smiling faces and celebrations.

I am lucky enough to be with Surendra Phadhan  he is quite a well know photographer from Darjeeling, he teachers at Inspiria in Siliguri and that is where i am right now, great college.

This is what i found online. Chhath Puja, Siliguri, West Bengal, India.

The word chhath means sixth in Nepali, Maithili and Bhojpuri languages and the festival is celebrated on the sixth day of the month Kārtika of the Hindu lunar Bikram Sambat calendar. The word is a Prakrit derivation from the Sanskrit ṣaṣṭhi, meaning sixth.It is the longest and most important festival after navratri. The very first day of chhath starts exactly 4 days from Diwali and last for 4 more days. This day the people who observe fast take bath at a river or pond and prepare lunch (consisting of rice,dal mixed with pumpkin and pumpkin, made in pure ghee). The second day (5th day from Diwali) is known as kharna or kheer- roti. In which the kheer( A Indian recipe where rice is prepared with sweetened milk instead of water) and chapati ( called roti in many Indian provinces). The people observe fast for the full day without taking even water and eat this kheer-roti as dinner after offering it to the rising moon and Goddess Ganga. This is the only time when they eat or drink anything from the starting of the day till the last day of chhath. The third day is the main festival day (exactly 6th day from Diwali) of chhath is observed by offering surya namashkar and fruits to the setting sun followed by the next day (exactly 7th day from Diwali) event of offering surya namashkar and fruits to the rising sun on the fourth or last day of chhath.chhath-puji-travel-photography-www-silviatomarchiophotography-com


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