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The Road Is Never Ending


I thought it was only fitting to share with you the last image I took with my real camera, out at one of my favourite beaches, Torquay in Victoria. I had a great morning starting by walking down these steps, across the beach at low tide, embracing all that she hides, enjoyed a couple of hours once again, pure bliss, I decided to come back and take this image before I headed home.

Reflecting on the last day of the year, the days that have gone by, the laughter, the pain, the hurt I believed was caused by others, while the actions of some were the utmost cruelty at times, it was my decision for a little while to accept it. As I think about forgiveness most of all I forgive myself. The lessons I have learned and hopefully never to be repeated, a little smile of gratitude, without challenge, pain and hard times there is no growth. The moments of awe and amazement.

When I reflect on all those faces I saw, most passing by without a single word, an unspoken connection. All the new people I met, heard amazing stories and shared a few of my own. It is in listening to others that I learn so much more about who I am and my journey to who I can be. I smile as I know and move forward excited about all the people I am yet to meet, journeys yet to live, new places to discover. It is the people you meet that make places and moments spectacular.

I know that the beginning of each year is the hope of better but I believe each day is our hope, beginning a new and nothing will change unless changes are made. This morning I was flicking through Twitter and read this, wow how fitting when i realised what my last photograph is for 2016.

“Although the road is never ending
take a step and keep walking,
do not look fearfully into the distance…
On this path let the heart be your guide
for the body is hesitant and full of fear.”

― Jalaluddin Rumi

So i thought i would look Rumi, enjoy the link to more inspiration quotes.

Everyday is a great day let go and walk my very own path, continuing towards what I love along with people I love. With so much to learn, for me it is my walk with happiness, graciously accepting each day as it unfolds, knowing that I can chose how I feel at any moment.

With an open heart and freedom to change direction at anytime my heart says so.

Those who don’t want to change, let them sleep.


God Bless.

Happy New Day!

Kiva Loans That Change Lives

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We keep our love in a photograph.


What is it that has made the world photography mad?! Lets face it anyone with a recording device is a “photographer”. Occasionally I question myself as to why I am a photographer and why it’s so important to me.

What is it that compels us to snap in that moment? Recording a precious moment, fear that it will pass and fade into our subconscious? Love? Sharing our joy? Creating long lasting moments for those we photograph for? In that moment and for future generations.

This is a photograph of my mother, pregnant with me, it is one of my favourite images I have, well, why do I love it so? The moment was taken by my father with the camera he won at a fair and paid the difference to have it. It was our family camera for a long time after that and all my childhood photos were captured with it, blessed that my father gave it to me as a gift and it is well loved by me.

It was the beginning of my life, a life yet to be lived, my father has shared so many stories with me about his childhood, growing up in Riposto in Sicily, how he would sneak into farms to eat fruit, some turned a blind eyes understanding they were hungry and some chased them away, he told me how he would set up nets as a boy, catch birds and that was food for the day. My mother told me that when they were migrating to Australia, there was many obstacles for my family to travel together, that she and my siblings would be left behind and come later, she was afraid that they would not be united……she told officials that she was only 6 months pregnant but in reality she was further along. As fate would have it, they embarked on their journey to Australia, together, me being born early, I was born on the Galileo Galilei, Arriving in Australia at 19 days old. lol see I was born travelling….

Why do I love this image so much?

Her smile breathes hope, hope of a better life, what every human being should have, a home, food on the table and clothes on their back, family.

I see a woman having her 5th child as joyful as if it was her first.

If i look at this image long enough, i can hear sound and the moments before this image was created….the love that lives. I am so grateful I have this photograph, it is so much more than that…..

I have taken thousands of images in my lifetime, while the personal ones are easy to explain to myself the randoms can sometimes cause a struggle within, I know why I take them in that moment but I struggle as to what to do with them, I have been asked many times will I sell them, I don’t want to exploit anyone, it is the moment that shakes my soul to photograph people, the love of diversity and culture, share with you what it gives to me, that connection in that moment that creates a feeling of “one” I have hundreds of portraits from my recent trip to India, of culture, colour, life, souls and I don’t know what do with them, although I know I would love to give each and every one of them a photograph of themselves for allowing me to connect in that moment, and just for them and their families.

Sand Dunes, India

You can purchase this image here.sand2-1

You can purchase this image here.sand2-2


You can purchase this image here.

The more i listen to people, the more i realise how much i value my humble life.

I adore simplicity.

Merry Christmas 

Be kind……

Day Dream Taj


You can’t always believe what you see but you can always believe what you know in your heart to be true, a freedom to create your own world. Feeling chilled and messing around without fear.

I wish, I wish….


Change or fate? take chances that lead to your fate, the shortcut or the long way around, either way the final destination will always be the same.

I wish, I wish I wish!
Wishing is awesome, it’s the beginning of what the heart really wants, the beginning of dreams becoming a reality but if you stop there, it will create pain, for some immediately after wishing they will begin to convince themselves why they can’t, that use to happen to me long ago, usually helped by some that couldn’t dream or maybe it just wasn’t theirs and they couldn’t understand and shared “why not” “too hard”, all i saw was the end result, focused so much on that, created excuses why I couldn’t have it. Instead the wish is just the beginning, when you focus on it and begin to take steps towards it your wish will come true, cuff yourself to chances not blockers, which really only exist in your mind. I have always believed if you really want it, you will have it, if it doesn’t work out you didn’t want it enough, full stop. We take things just because it’s easy to obtain that we don’t really want, instead of the small steps to create living dreams. One dream at a time.
Forget about why not and focus on the how and begin, forget about how long it will take, each day is one step closer, enjoy the ride. When you wish upon a star, get ready to work your arse off!!!!
For me it really simplifies life and creates the things you really want. I feel grateful that they appear everyday, some things I think I want or should want are just clouds that can easily be blown away, create your own wind of change, clear that sky and see your next dream appear in all its glory, one life, make it awesome, tell few people if any as they may scare you with their own fear, try to kill it with their own inability to go for it…..If only i had a dollar for every time I heard “I wish, I wish I could travel like you, seriously? you have the power to create the life you want by focusing on what you want, ignore they ney sayers, and go for it, every dream has it’s price and sacrifices but will not feel like you are sacrificing anything if it’s real to you. Sometimes we can’t earn more money but we sure can learn to live within our means. If you live to impress others it will be empty or wait for those to stroke your ego, there too is a big void that cannot be filled, it’s not the “stuff” we really want, it’s how we think it will make us feel, real “stuff” is made of moments that are only important to you, the stuff that will remain at the end of your days, integrity, love, kindness, encouragement and how you made others feel, the life you lived for yourself and those you love. Have a blessed year ahead..

P.S and don’t give a shit what others think!


How beautiful, got a message last night from one of the mums at my daughters school, her little boy and my daughter have been friends since kinda.

” what size do you take? I have boots, would you like them?” Like the ones in your pictures. “yes, thank you!” Lol yes I do love my boots!!!

Our adventures!!!

How very thoughtful 😊

I love her little boy, i keep asking him to marry my daughter when they get older, His mum is from Taiwan and dad Australian, he has that beautiful gentle nature that will be able to manage my daughter’s full on independence! His mum told me that he was going to marry my daughter, she told him that he would need to ask my permission, he replied with, “she loves me!” hahahah how very true. I do, every time I see him he will run as fast as he can to me for the sweetest hugs, such a loving and gentle soul.

Big Brown Eyes, Kolkata

silvia tomarchio photography_kolkata_India_boy in a car.jpg

There was something about those big brown eyes that had me in a trance, for more than just a moment, long before I clicked the shutter, time stood still, he appeared as an unfinished painting, blurred, and everything around him disappeared even sound. A sense of Deja’ vu or was it an image I have already seen locked in my subconscious mind? I was so fixed on his eyes I didn’t notice the driver until I uploaded the image on my laptop, we really do see what we want to see, what captures our soul and delights our heart in the moment.

I love those cars that flood the streets of Kolkata.

After 19 hours of travel time I was a little spaced out, who knows, I only got to spend about 5 hours in Kolkata, the plan was to spend a day at the end of my trip. It’s so easy to get lost in India, going with the flow, moving every few days by train that I nearly ended up in Pakistan! With only a few days left it was easier to get back to Delhi to fly to Kolkata to fly home, I knew I had to catch that flight book or i would have got lost for longer.

What I want for Christmas……… 

Rather cute, just a few gifts that my girls are giving to each other, in a very creative way.

Don’t panic, I have the perfect gift for out family which can’t be put under the tree 😉

For a few weeks now i have been asking my girls what they want for Christmas and the reply is the same, “i don’t know” seriously i feel like wrapping up three boxes with the words I don’t know. I also have been asked what i want, I reply with “I don’t know, a massage?” Well when i think about it, i try and have a massage once a month as treat for me and a necessity, but what I really want is quality time with them, those I love and value and those that love and value us. I do not like to waste our time, time is so very precious.

I don’t feel I have every really been materialistic, but I do save for things that are important to me, quality stuff that I use for myself, us and my work. Occasionally buying stuff we don’t need, that is also changed for the better, nearly 8 years ago when our family situation changed, there were times that my little one would ask for a toy that would end up on the floor within days anyway, if i purchased it, I would ask, “do you really want that toy or should we save it and go on family holiday when I save enough?” thankfully she answered holiday, even as little girl she was preferred a holiday, asking if there would be a pool or the beach, lol yes! And we have been on many adventures around Australia and beyond, quality time to explore and just hang out, minimal cooking and cleaning, bonus.

In the next few days I plan to once and for all delete my Facebook account, while once it was fun, and a great platform to advertise my work and services it is no more, some of the replies I have had were, “oh that’s sad but I respect your choice”, words used like i will miss “tracking” you and following you, while I know there is no harm intended in those words but tracking is for dogs….while sometimes they have engaged in posts that I share, others come to peep through the window but never knock on the door.

Another reason why it’s gotta go, over the course of time I feel I am losing the connection with my girls, hiding out in there rooms using instant gratification as a form of entertainment, yes I know we all need space and time out and I know they are doing their homework etc as it shows in their results, I miss the bubble we created and I know they are growing up, we all need space, but isolation I am not fond of. In a time I had to figure out how to pay the bills and put food on the table with the threat of losing our home, God knows how many rivers I cried, a time when we had only each other and it was beautiful. Less truly is more, I am constantly hearing “but that’s just the way it is now”, well why do I have to accept it? I love a tangible and tactile world, where people come together and just enjoy.

Social media hey, not in the real world. I am simply overwhelmed by media overload, marketing, buy, buy, buy, download this and that and I will make you a millionaire, crazy talk, negative posts, posts that save the world while they sit in the comfort of their homes and I think the nail for me was reading the diminishing of another human being recently, it made me sick. Tall Poppy Syndrome, yuk. I know what I want in life, for me it’s simple, I know who I want to be surrounded by and who I can easily walk away from. Freedom to enjoy the good “stuff”.

I rarely share personal pics anymore but yes I have, in moments of joy, we all love our kids and their accomplishments, proud and want to share.

While I truly admire people that have made their money and give back to charities often creating their own, what I truly admire is the ones who give what they can at any point in their lives. Scrap that mentality that we have to make our fortune first, every small gesture of kindness can change the world little by little and also change you in the process. And if you really feel you have no money to spare, then give your time, to help others. Scrap those words, I don’t have ANY money etc I don’t know maybe replace it with it’s put elsewhere, priorities maybe? And please, please don’t use it to get discounts! Give to givers, pay it forward.

So now my last point the assumption that I am rich, that’s how i/we get to travel, well depending on how you look at it we are.

So here goes.

.I use my credit card for everything, i have frequent flyer, many trips have been purchased with points, paying only taxes.

.I don’t stay in a 5 star hotel, they are full of the wrong kind of 5 star people i am interested in. All I need is a clean room, shower in the right location.

.We have a money box that we put our gold coins in, my girls just recently counted it up, i think it’s about 2 years now, we had $630 not bad for money easily spent on crap.

.I shop and cook most days of the week, occasional takeout. I have meals prepared for busy days. Weekly meals are planned with minimal waste.

. I do like a pub band every so often but don’t pointlessly drink and piss up my money against the wall, a couple of ciders are enough for me.

.We buy what we need, this i love, I don’t feel guilty if one gets a new pair of jeans and the others don’t because they get what they need and different times and no jealousy either, huge bonus.

.I don’t go out a lot, preferring to catch up with friends for lunch or dinner, a connecting catch up, during winter I become a bit of a hermit, great time to edit and create, watch movies, snuggle and of course save for the warmer months.

.Yes I am a gift giver, and never a tight one either, but its been narrowed down to less people, little people and my folks. Did you know that World vision has $12 a month charity?

. Photography gear is only purchased with money I make from my love trade.

.I plan my trips well by research.

.I book my own flights and accomodation and usual book tours when we arrived or mostly get there myself, oh the tourist trap, eeeeek

.Sometimes i sell stuff we not longer need, sometimes I give it away.

. I don’t buy souvenirs, maybe some artwork, or recently scarves from India, yes I got sucked in!

. My souvenirs are the images I create and the moments and memories that live in my heart, soul and mind.

. Sometimes I trade photography services on my travels, that’s always a great one.

If I, a single mum, 4 of us to provide for, including myself,  on minimum wage with no support can do it, anyone can if they really want it, there lies the key, you get what you focus on, then work your arse off to get. Just get creative.

. Mostly the mindset of what I want to do, you get what you focus on, by making a choice that makes your heart skip a beat then focus on how the funds will arrive later and always just in time.

So what do I really want for Christmas? Quality Time with my girls most of all, family and friends that speak of what they want, rather than what they don’t want. Dreams in their heart that make their eyes light up. A small group on encouragers. 10 minute venting is allowed lol Those 10 minutes friendships of those I meet on my travels close to home and far away.

Our health!!!!

Travel and photography, grateful for our beautiful home and great car, food on the table, clothes on our back, bills being paid on time. A simple life, of lots of love, laughter and snuggles.
For me it’s not the thought that counts rather the thoughtfulness for others, everyday, not just for Christmas.

I don’t feel we are missing anything, we truly have all that we need and plenty that we think we want.

Here’s to an amazing 2017 filled with what really makes us happy with space to be grateful for it.

Merry Christmas everyone! and God bless.