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Meet My Thelma

Hey Thelma, “do you know what a selfie is?”, “no” “look here” giggles “oh look that’s us!” oh her reaction was priceless…

I have known Thelma, well i think it’s our 11th year, 86 young and my pearl of wisdom, one of my four, sadly two have now passed away. I visited her once every couple of months, what i love the most is she is surrounded by a large loving family and she doesn’t need my visits, she wants them, always waiting patiently when I can. She greets with me with “oh I’ve missed and always leaves me with I love you, no one says it like she does, warms every fibre in my being. A little extra time together today, she choked up a little and her eyes welled up, i held her hands as she told me, I listened and thought about all the wise advice she has given me over the years and added my own, then we laughed….”you have grown to be such a wise young” woman” she says, ha because you have are a gift to me…through think and thin. Mostly we just share stuff, mostly good things, always without judgement….how wonderful it is to speak freely….Woman hey, we can cover so many topics in a short time. Time the most precious of all, spend it with those you appreciate and appreciate you, it’s the little things… I love the elderly so much {that’s another story} that earlier this year I contacted a company and had a chat as to what i would like to do on a casual basis, oh you need this course and that course, omg, really to just hang out? With a full schedule already, more study?!!!

mmmm back to my beautiful morning with this gorgeous gal, while we will always say to each how much we love and value each other it was a alcohol fuelled bonding session today without the alcohol, hhahahha love it. Extra hugs and kisses, “I really do love you Silv”, and “i really love you, can I adopt you?”….I hear so many times, i don’t have the money or I am bored, giving time to others just because is a wonderful thing. Don’t put love in a box, believe that it’s the only way to be kind, it’s huge and can be given and received in so many ways, single, go find people to love, bored, go find people to love, no cash, go to the park and find someone to love {not in a creepy way}. I was on the phone with a friend this morning while on the way to Thelma’s, a great catch up that I missed my turn off. I love that she sang during our conversation Love is all around us lol, Meanwhile Thelma is trying to call me, it was only 5 minutes late, “Silv, I do worry about you, you are never late”, bless her. Merry Christmas all may 2017 bring unconditional love.


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