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I wish, I wish….


Change or fate? take chances that lead to your fate, the shortcut or the long way around, either way the final destination will always be the same.

I wish, I wish I wish!
Wishing is awesome, it’s the beginning of what the heart really wants, the beginning of dreams becoming a reality but if you stop there, it will create pain, for some immediately after wishing they will begin to convince themselves why they can’t, that use to happen to me long ago, usually helped by some that couldn’t dream or maybe it just wasn’t theirs and they couldn’t understand and shared “why not” “too hard”, all i saw was the end result, focused so much on that, created excuses why I couldn’t have it. Instead the wish is just the beginning, when you focus on it and begin to take steps towards it your wish will come true, cuff yourself to chances not blockers, which really only exist in your mind. I have always believed if you really want it, you will have it, if it doesn’t work out you didn’t want it enough, full stop. We take things just because it’s easy to obtain that we don’t really want, instead of the small steps to create living dreams. One dream at a time.
Forget about why not and focus on the how and begin, forget about how long it will take, each day is one step closer, enjoy the ride. When you wish upon a star, get ready to work your arse off!!!!
For me it really simplifies life and creates the things you really want. I feel grateful that they appear everyday, some things I think I want or should want are just clouds that can easily be blown away, create your own wind of change, clear that sky and see your next dream appear in all its glory, one life, make it awesome, tell few people if any as they may scare you with their own fear, try to kill it with their own inability to go for it…..If only i had a dollar for every time I heard “I wish, I wish I could travel like you, seriously? you have the power to create the life you want by focusing on what you want, ignore they ney sayers, and go for it, every dream has it’s price and sacrifices but will not feel like you are sacrificing anything if it’s real to you. Sometimes we can’t earn more money but we sure can learn to live within our means. If you live to impress others it will be empty or wait for those to stroke your ego, there too is a big void that cannot be filled, it’s not the “stuff” we really want, it’s how we think it will make us feel, real “stuff” is made of moments that are only important to you, the stuff that will remain at the end of your days, integrity, love, kindness, encouragement and how you made others feel, the life you lived for yourself and those you love. Have a blessed year ahead..

P.S and don’t give a shit what others think!


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