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The Road Is Never Ending


I thought it was only fitting to share with you the last image I took with my real camera, out at one of my favourite beaches, Torquay in Victoria. I had a great morning starting by walking down these steps, across the beach at low tide, embracing all that she hides, enjoyed a couple of hours once again, pure bliss, I decided to come back and take this image before I headed home.

Reflecting on the last day of the year, the days that have gone by, the laughter, the pain, the hurt I believed was caused by others, while the actions of some were the utmost cruelty at times, it was my decision for a little while to accept it. As I think about forgiveness most of all I forgive myself. The lessons I have learned and hopefully never to be repeated, a little smile of gratitude, without challenge, pain and hard times there is no growth. The moments of awe and amazement.

When I reflect on all those faces I saw, most passing by without a single word, an unspoken connection. All the new people I met, heard amazing stories and shared a few of my own. It is in listening to others that I learn so much more about who I am and my journey to who I can be. I smile as I know and move forward excited about all the people I am yet to meet, journeys yet to live, new places to discover. It is the people you meet that make places and moments spectacular.

I know that the beginning of each year is the hope of better but I believe each day is our hope, beginning a new and nothing will change unless changes are made. This morning I was flicking through Twitter and read this, wow how fitting when i realised what my last photograph is for 2016.

“Although the road is never ending
take a step and keep walking,
do not look fearfully into the distance…
On this path let the heart be your guide
for the body is hesitant and full of fear.”

― Jalaluddin Rumi

So i thought i would look Rumi, enjoy the link to more inspiration quotes.

Everyday is a great day let go and walk my very own path, continuing towards what I love along with people I love. With so much to learn, for me it is my walk with happiness, graciously accepting each day as it unfolds, knowing that I can chose how I feel at any moment.

With an open heart and freedom to change direction at anytime my heart says so.

Those who don’t want to change, let them sleep.


God Bless.

Happy New Day!


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