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Monk orphanage in Bagan

Shwe Gu Monastic Education School.

You can donate here.monks_bagan_orphanage_silvia-tomarchio-photography_myanmar

So it took awhile to get my driver to get off the tourist track and out meeting the real people, these little guys have been taken in and taken care of, eduction, food and shelter, they seem fairly happy and there were lots of giggles and smiles when me and my girls quietly sat in on their class. In the midst of it, my heart hurts my head spins, what can I do, i am just one person and my own to raise, i get overwhelmed with how much i would like to do, then breathe deeply and remember that little is a good start. Travel, open your eyes and heart, it’s not about thinking how good you got it, it’s about how we can make it better for others, together.


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