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Saddam Cave

saddar cave one of the highlights of my trip legend did I do it jumping a fence? Hiking? Climbing 777 steps? Walking on rock platforms? No slipped off a 1″ step I took it easy for a day, iced it for the swelling, strapped it up, didn’t think too much of it, a 20 minute walk in a bat cave, in the dark, up and down, under the bridge as it was being repaired, bare foot took almost an hour but omg what lies at the end of it!!!! An oasis, a green lagoon with mountains in the distance, I only took a few shots just before the last steep steps thinking I had to walk back instead we hopped on a canoe through rice field around the and through the cave and a 10 minute walk back, as we walk in the pay a couple of monks one with a mike announced your #country, he laughed at my reaction, well I felt like miss #universe lol so 2 X-rays later I wait, fracture? #sigh


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