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In The Moment 

On Friday night I was out with a few tog buddies for a little street photography and catch up, it has been so long inbetween, it’s been ages between Street photography well in Melbourne anyway, if you you didn’t know I start with street photography and was out every weekend for two years, here I learnt what I love about portraits today, expressions, gestures , our little quirks, slight movements make all the difference, it made me brave take away my shyness approach people, these days I have no problem in stopping someone and asking if I can take their portrait, my heart smile when I think about my journey making the destination no big deal, don’t be surprised if I stop you in the streets 😊 #streetphotography #artist #lovemyjob #lovemyart #loveoneanother #bliss this gorgeous lady walked straight past me, a cool chilled walk and I thought how funky and confident is she?! Love #delight your #heart #mind and #soul #minimalist


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