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Mount Everest


We have all faced obstacles in our life that can appear like Mount Everest, we sit at the bottom and wonder how on earth will we climb it, every step can be a struggle, we can walk around it, through or face it and rise above it realising it’s a blessing in disguise, just another opportunity to grow. Every problem has a solution when you look through the eyes of love and possibilities.

This for me was truly the most spectacular flight I have ever taken, from Paro, Bhutan to Delhi, India stopping in Nepal, for 40 minutes we travelled along the Himalayas, every window seat was taken so I walked to the back of the plane and the staff from Druk airlines were kind enough to allow me to shoot from a tiny window, just enough for my lens to fit, I was blown away by it’s sheer beauty and it awe of the solid stand it takes.

Mount Everest Print.


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