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A Portrait..

Alongsiders International_Silvia Tomarchio Photography

For me a portrait is a portrait, whether it be corporate, domestic portrait, street photography or a wedding. I do not rely on what the world sees as beautiful, I watch and wait, your breathing, for that moment that you let go, forget about everything and just be in your moment, your sharing of authentic beauty, a connection to love and light, that is the moment I click capturing the essence of you, your told or untold story only you know and for a brief moment share with me without even knowing, your smile, your posture, your trust, Its so easy to see the love and joy these two have for each other and I’m so blessed they shared it with me, blissfully unaware. I cannot begin to describe the privilege I feel when people allow me in, a true moment of beauty. Gratitude to be part of a movement for Alongsiders International, the opportunity to be a small part of this wonderful organisation, to use my skills for more than just a pretty portrait. I look for more than light, I seek your light within.


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