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Live Life To The Fullest

If you know me personally you know I have a soft spot for the wise, throughout my life they have been my greatest teachers, in all their success and heartache they have all one thing in common. Humility! my favourite trait in humanity.

Nominated Best Creative Industry Business.

Nominated Best Creative Industry Business_Silvia Tomarchio

What a wonderful humbling surprise to be Nominated Best Creative Industry Business, Melton Business Excellence Award 2017, How awesome for the Melton Council to support small local businesses.

Grantville Jetty

Grantville Jetty_Grantville_Silvia Tomarchio

Its been awhile since I have ventured over this way, just a quick stop in Grantville from Phillip Island on the way home, there were a couple of young guys jumping it the water!!!! Madness, my fingers were frozen in 10 mins, would have been great to stay for the sunset but I thought it best to get my first born home, it was a huge weekend!!! 

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Extraordinary Ordinary

Smith Beach_Waves_Phillip Island_Silvia Tomarchio

“God can take the ordinary and create the extraordinary. Our incredible God has the power to transform your simple life and give you the life of your dreams. Remarkable things happen in your life when you believe.”
― Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Heart Crush
Phillip Island, Victoria

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Glorious Sunrise, Beautiful People

Alpha_St Francis of Assisi Parish_Mill Park_Silvia Tomarchio PhotographyA full on weekend away with these beautiful people from St Francis of Assisi Parish in Mill Park. A spectacular view! even managed to squeeze in a sunrise shoot with one of my favourite girls 😉 Beach_Phillip island_YMCA Discovery Camp_Silvia Tomarchio_Victoria_Seascape_Long exposure-1

The sun peeked through the clouds for just a moment lighting up the colours on the rocks, it really was a beautiful morning and the perfect way to greet an amazing day to follow.

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Print Now!

Print now or forever hold your USB!

Over the years and through formal education I have learnt to value “The Print” through this journey one of the most satisfying experiences was learning to print my own work, to watch it come to life. while I understand that some don’t understand the difference between a generic print or highly quality professional print, I can’t express enough the difference, why do I prefer from consultation to print? Apart from the fact all is taken care for you, to simply

 frame and hang. Long after you leave my studio I know you will be enjoying your love, your story in pictures, precious moments captured for you and generations to come, I treat your shoot as if it was my own family, nothing but the best! Professional know its value and our job is to share it with you to ensure you get the very best. These images have been mounted on mdf, laminated, customer sized to fit their space and ready to hang. Quality is everything ask any accredited professional photographer 😊 adorable much?!!! And a personality to light up any room.

Bagan Daily Life

One of the things I loved about Myanmar was, the slow pace of daily life, no one really drove over 40 miles an hour and most stopped to return a smile which was the image straight after this one, Smiles are just heart warming, alongside hugs.

Dochula Pass

Upon arriving in Bhutan, this was one of our first stops, spectacular although this image was on the way back when the sky was a little clearer to see the surreal backdrop, a little fresh but that made me feel all the more alive, what does one say about this amazing country and all is beauty from landscape to the people. Love

3 lives Exhibition 

Here is is!!!! Exhibition no. 4!!! So humbled it’s Dinkies 3rd request, it was a very special year in my life, a time of transition and growth from the inside out. Fine art pieces, and my award winning prints, now showing until July. In #honor of my #precious #daughters #unique and ver #special #girls For more information pm me. A massive thank you and gratitude to all that support my love, passion and growth, to all those that appreciate my “shares”. 😘 #exhibition Well done dude, so impressed with the creation of my #artiststatement #exhibition #quirky #fineart #portrait #awarded #awardwinningphotographer #aipp #aippaccreditedprofessionalphotographer #artist #originalartwork #inspired #prints #heathcotevictoria #pointnepeannationalpark #morningtonpeninsula #ballarat #marysville #india #torquay

Tieve Tara Gardens

Tieve Tara Garden_Mount Macedon_Silvia Tomarchio Photography

A great morning out today with the last of the stunning colours at Tieve Tara Gardens, Victoria, a little chilly but well worth a day in nature. Here’s my spin on it.

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