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Today I would like to acknowledge and say “thank you” to all that have given me the privilege of photographing them, those that have allowed me into their world and trusted me to see their inner beauty, I am grateful that I have learn’t more than just the use of a camera but rather seeing into the soul without invasion of privacy. 

To all that support me both online and out in the real world throughout my continuing journey. I am grateful for all those amazing people that pray for me and my family, I am grateful for God.

To the teachers that took me under their wings and helped me fly and believe in myself, even grateful to those that wouldn’t help, Grateful that I get to work from home around my 3 beautiful supportive girls, grateful I can take my office anywhere in the world, grateful for all the doors that have been shut and given light to the right ones, I am grateful for the free time I have to create my artwork and find new locations just for fun.

I am grateful for the incredible people that I get to meet, each has a story, the awe inspiring ones who have taught me to give even more to others, in words and in actions…….. 

One such as this guy, he is a great asset to his community, one of the things he does in his spare time is visits retirement homes and entertains the elderly, these are the people that I get to meet and keep me humble. Have a wonderful weekend all and thank you again. I am so very blessed.


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