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Maternity shoot

How stunning! First time mother to be, excited and calm all at the same time, just like us mothers should be (well we try ;-))

The miracle of love. That warm smile that says “I love you already “

This made my day…..

Mini shoot today, just a few portraits and a few for a fine art piece, something extra special..

Los Cuernos from Refugio Darwin.

Refugio Darwin_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Patagonia_Los Cuernos_Landscape

Personal Highlights

Yes! I will work for food and wine while on my travels, after a full day of trekking, it was great to come back to Refugio Darwin, to watch the sunset over Los Cuernos with a glass of wine, a beautiful finish to the end of my first day in Patagonia.

Refugio Darwin maybe a little further out that some of the places to stay in Patagonia but transfers to the base of each trek made it easy whatever time you choose to start your day, staff were very friendly and helpful, I even got a “Forza Silvia!” from Victor on my first trek, well that made me smile and think, “here goes!”

Refugio Darwin_Silvia Tomarchio Photography

After and early morning start and a last minute decision to visit Lago Grey on the way back, needless to say I needed something to warm me up, arriving back at Refugio Darwin, i asked for a cup of tea, not long after a spread was being set up, I thought ‘that’s nice”, well what I didn’t realise is they were setting up to take some photos, oops, It was only a bit of cheese while I waited for my tea, A little laughter and a voice said “wait” lol

I was then asked if I would take some images in exchange for dinner, well of course! dinner was great by the way! Nothing like a BBQ, I even got to try Pisco. I never did get that cup of tea….Although I was then offered what was on the table.

The bottle of wine as a gift was definitely a bonus, before dinner and during sunset, perfect.

A special thanks to both Nicole’s, Victor and other staff members during my stay, should i be back anytime soon, I know exactly where to stay.

Los Cuernos, The Horns of Patagonia.

Los Cuernos_The horns of Patagonia_Chile_Silvia Tomarchio Photography

My first and probably the easiest trek in Patagonia, Chile, Los Cuernos, An early morning start and about an 3 hours up and back with plenty of stops along the way to photograph and of course enjoy for myself, well easy if you forget the strong winds making you stop in your tracks until it passes, every so often wild winds picking up the water from the lakes, feeling like sharp pins thrown straight to my face, forget the tripod, that tipped over in the first 30 seconds, light rains and not a soul in sight, great time to sing out loud and enjoy the majestic mountain as we stood face to face, while it was spectacular and the clouds were low I didn’t get a complete clear view all the time, this was the day I was given, mysterious mood and a massive smile on my face…

For more images click here. Personal Highlights

Cerro San Cristóbal and Cerro Santa Lucia.

Day 1

Wow direct flights to Santiago, Chile!!!!

Cerro Santa Lucia.

An early morning walk, the streets were quiet and my journey had begun……………. Well worth climb to the top, the views were spectacular,  a lovely introduction to the city of Santiago and a little training for treks to follow.

Cerro Santa Lucia_Silvia Tomarchio Photography

Spectacular Panoramic View of Santiago

Walk up for about 45 minutes or take the cable cart to the top, a great introduction to Santiago city, a bit foggy so the Andes were not as clear as I would have liked, i heard after the rain is the best time for better visibility, next time maybe?? FYI

Silvia Tomarchio Photography_San Cristobal_Santiago_Chile

Llama at first site.


What a great site after coming down the hill, super soft, super cute, the owner was saying it’s ok squeeze him tight, all i could hear in my mind was my eldest daughter saying, “careful he might spit on you”, nope he was just as sweet as can be, a great way to start my travels through South America.