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Australian Women Pilots’ Association

Silvia-Tomarchio-Photography-Newham-Womans pilot association

Just some of the woman from the Australian Women Pilots’ Association, Image credit to Bruce, a local photographer in Newham, Victoria.


Inspired Artwork 

All I need to add is my little one, she is going to love being the Pilot!

While I only have had one flying lesson, deep behind the goal just past my immediate ones on my list…It was a privilege to be invited for Christmas in July, dine at a beautiful home of one of the pilot’s home in Newham along with some amazing courageous women pilots from Australian Woman Pilots’ Association.

Thank you to Peta (President of The Australian Women Pilots’ Association) for your kind invitation. A huge Thank to Kathy Mexted (An aspiring local writer and photographer in Newham for opening up your doors to your beautiful home with an incredible backyard! A view of hanging Rock. For putting on a beautiful lunch for us all and of course your hospitality and hard work you put in over 2 days, a fun and inspiring day. And of course thank you to Dennis for looking after us and ensuring we all had more food than we could eat and omg cleaning up! Thank you to all the Woman pilots, it’s an honour to be amongst aw inspiring women.

While I am still dreaming the dream as a travelling photographer, right now I remain a passenger, not a bad deal I think! but you never know what is around the corner or airport. I am the pilot and leading lady of my own life after all.

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