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Todo Mundo



Beautiful music, fantastic dancers, balmy night…Buenos Aires by night and a morning In La Boca.

It’s a long way to the top! and still going..

After teaching myself photography for about 4 years…and a very short basic camera course, I felt like i wasn’t  growing fast enough on my own so I decided to go back to school when my little one started prep. You really don’t know what you don’t know until someone tells you. I didn’t want to be a camera owner or a ‘photographer”, I wanted to earn that tittle and be a professional and so off to school I went.

Being a mature student can sometimes be hard because you want everything and more from each class….many sacrifices to get to class does not allow you to waste time..and very often misunderstood where your drive comes from. It matters not…Candles-styling-learning-Photography

I only signed up for two classes, studio lighting and photoshop, It was suggested to stick around for the next class, so I did, styling, what the heck is that? but why not I thought, It takes a lot to be here so i might as well make use of my time.

I remember the teaching looking at this pic with a WTF look on her face, seriously I had no idea but I did try my best. She was tough but hey I learnt so much from her, not going to grow if you don’t hear the truth….you will never learn if you only listen to “that’s beautiful” or they love because it’s someone they love in the pic, it’s ok, i’m a tough cookie….After all learning is learning..Just teach me the skill and I’ll make it my own…Two years later I took every class but one to achieve my Diploma, (oh yeah one of the teachers said, don’t bother with Cert, just go straight for your Diploma, well that was two years saved), half way through I learnt about accreditation with AIPP so that was my new goal, nice, i accomplished that about 6 months before my last class. Food

So assignment no 2 food, I spent half a day creating this castle made out of Waffles, I have a personal attachment to Belgium after living there for two years, and my girl ate ever last bite of it. Still no idea, oh then the other one……Oh don’t worry I knew it wasn’t good and I had a long way to go…but it was fun…

Photoshop classes later, I rephotographed and created this about 2 years ago.

Still room for improvement..

_DSC6442Grapes416oct as Smart Object-1

This was a collaboration with the lovely Sandra, a very talented makeup artist who did exactly what I asked for along with her creative ideas, great team work.

I remember someone saying to me many years ago, keep some of your raw files, you may want to revisit them at some stage and that I do. Looking back I can see how far I have come…always moving forward.


Sandra at work                        Original edit                                  Recent edit

This photoshoot was another assignment from the same class, I remember thinking this could be so much better if I knew how to edit it, just as well I had started photoshop classes although not much help there as beauty retouching was the following year and well…it was like pulling teeth to get more info sometimes….self directed learning born…an accreditation or not there is always something more to learn. At this stage I was learning Lightroom. I found an online course, i think i stopped only a few times to eat that weekend and I remember Phil Steel say don’t miss this step as you will regret it later…and I did…another thing to learn was how to save and store and bloody hell find my files,!!!! yep still sorting through my old stuff, hence this awesome trip down memory lane and my journey. Oh yeah got my filing together now!! Keeping lots of mistakes and my favourite images…It is after all my visual journey..growth in more than just photography..

Silver Award, back Story

Arriving the night before I didn’t see this spectacular sight rig in the #backyard where I was staying, I’d be up at 5am was driven to the base and did the trek alone, not a #soul in sight, windy cold conditions I sang out Loud to myself and I made my way to the lake in front of #thehornsofpatagonia , this image was taken when I got back just before sunset, with a glass of wine in my hand, you se the owner had asked for a few images of their new #Refugio #darwinrefugio and they also included dinner that night, this was while we were waiting for the #bbq we enjoyed that evening, I was also using a #nisifilters that I borrowed from the person next to me, not having the brackets to fit my camera I held it with my hand, so #wine in one hand and filter in another #chatting away #countless shots #wherethereisawillthereistheway to every #image there is a #backstory that always makes me #smile

AIPP Awards, 2018

Always a great feeling to be acknowledged as a professional photographer, 2018 AIPP picking up 3 Silver Awards. Thank to my printer, who not only prints for my clients but for all my images.

Bolivia, Back Story for This Image.

The image that didn’t win at AIPP 2018 Award, received professional standard.

So last week my youngest daughter had book week at school, a disappointed little lady when she came home from school because she didn’t win this year. I consoled her with, “you did a great job, you researched and found what you wanted to be and did it all on  own and with very little help, she said, “don’t they know i spent 10 hours making this?” smiling on the inside, ‘I know you worked very hard on this, did you enjoying creating this?”, “yes” then you are already a winner! Just like a good comedian, she stated the fact it was BookWeek by being a book. It is my favourite school event…



Before I arrived at the landscape entered…

I missed a flight that I didn’t know was booked, nice one ANZ was saying it was declined but it wasn’t, their mistake

I spent an extra day in Buenos Aires, got on stage and well… danced.

I finally got a ticket purchased for me, {yes i paid them back}, flight to JuJuy. Touched the nose of the plane.

Met a set of lovely twins, they gave me directions……”they are in the circle”

Shared a cab ride to a dodgy place….. left and waited for hours at the bus stop,  the sketchy cab driver, came back after he dropped me off, offering to drive me around, um, yeah, nah…..the bus left 12.30am,

I’m going to do this, i am going to cross that boarder at sunrise!

Got to the end of the bus stop, got a cab to the boarder, 3 minutes, Arrived at 5am, oh no wait, it’s 4am, {time change} 3 hours sitting at the boarder, watching locals go about their daily life. 3rd in line at the boarder, no wait, two local ladies pushed in, nope hang of they gave up waiting and took off into the darkness. Went through immigration.

Walked across the boarder, over a bridge, daylight breaking, hello Bolivia!

Quick money change another short cab ride to the bus stop, another 7 hours bus ride, I fell asleep before it took off and it was so hot, i couldn’t stay awake, shame i missed some beautiful landscape along the way.

Arrived in in Uyuni, walked into the closet hostel, (in front of the bus stop) Struggling to get my bag up the stairs, the woman turned back and picked it up for me like it was a bag of rice, one strong woman. Slept until the next morning.

Got electrocuted in the shower, cold bloody shower…

3 day tour. Met some beautiful people, decided to get into the hot springs in my undies. Did the tourist shots. Ripped my pants getting on top of that car. Stood where Salvador Dali was inspired to paint some of his paintings……..

So how do i feel this image was not awarded? it’s all good, all subjective, they didn’t get the simple beauty of the image but I do, the experience and the full story was worth it. Gotta up my game?  I was told it wouldn’t win, but I entered it regardless, It’s hard to take the emotional attachment sometimes, but I’m ok with it on this occasion….I missed out by one point to become an associate photographer…while it’s fantastic to be acknowledged as a landscape photographer, It’s four years to get 5 point, I have 4 in two, so I think I’m doing alright, Actually I do have 5 points in 3 years, but one doesn’t count as it was just before I got my accreditation…….then again it’s not my motivation….that’s another story….and one I don’t think i will share…But I just gotta work harder, to better myself, for myself, meh any excuse to keep travelling….besides I’ve only been “landscaping” for about 4 years 😬


So if you love this image like I do, you can purchase it here, or contact me directly.

Prints available world wide.

Here’s to living in the moment…

I am an AIPP ….

Here we go! Back in 2015 I entered my first 3 images as a student #vippy #aipp #illustrative #travel and #landscape I also volunteered and got to turn my own image for the judges, this image didn’t win by a few point still at professional standard, travel received the same, but for my #artwork I received my first #golddistinctionaward which by the way I sold another copy just last week. Since then I received the first Luminous Grant, become accredited 2016 and lots of #Awardedimages for #travel #portrait #landscape #illustrative So this weekend head down to #melbourneolympicpark to be inspired by incredible work by many professional and amateur photographers around the globe, I have 4 entries so wish me luck, all the best of luck to all photographers entering!!!

I already feel like a winner just because I am blessed to do what I love, Happy APPA weekend #ps it’s free entry and all are welcome from Saturday to Monday! 🤞 what you see, what needs to be done to get that shot! After 5 shots I decided to retrieve, that current is strong, safety first 😊

It’s Not Just a Headshot


When clients come to see me sometimes they are not sure what they want but what they do know is they need a professional headshot for their online presence.

What to wear?

I can help with that!

I ask if they prefer a dark or a light background or suggest either depending on the look, feel, client.

I always give the client what they ask for, I’ll take a few shots and show them, then I will ask if it’s ok to put my own spin on it, Sure! so a quick change of light set up and away we go.

Studio headshot usually take between 10-20 minutes and of course always time for a little fun. My aim is to capture clients in their best light, adding a 3 dimensional feel by the use of light that suites them most.

My style is simple, elegant with a splash of classy, to communicate your personality and message as “the voice of individual you.” 

Your best images are then sent to you for your selection, once selected, they are fully edited, fast turnaround time, sent to you online, web ready for you to use anyway you choose.

No time to come to me?

I’ll come and visit you at your place of work.

​Don’t forget to ask what else I include with your corporate headshot.

Dress Like The Job You want….


Why is it crucial that you invest in professional, appealing professional headshots? Why shouldn’t you just get a friend to snap some shots with their camera? Why shouldn’t you continue to use the professional photos you had taken eight years ago?

Great corporate headshots are an investment in your own success. That’s why they’re important and that’s why they’re worth taking the time! As the world has become an online mechanism for doing business, your headshot is the first impression you are making to prospective clients to make that initial contact.  A distinctive headshot is going to make you stand out against your competition and gain the trust of the prospective client enough to make that initial call.  It is not just a picture; it is your professional image and brand.

So, how do you want to be seen?

Family Law – MS Justice Legal


This is what I love to see, my work used for it’s intention, Website updates.
Over the last 12 months I have photographed for this gorgeous woman 3 times, Once for charity (Leukaemia Foundation), beautiful portraits of her children and of recently her business. Today was my turn to request her services, well and truly overdue, I was waiting for my eldest daughter to turn 18 so that she could be the executor of my Will. Meryem you made this so easy for me to have it put together and understanding of it, very grateful, thank you so much. I feel so grown up!! Responsible and peace of mind.
For more info please visit
Upcoming event for The Leukaemia Foundation, If you would like to help or attend please go to

Beyond website photography


Beyond Website photography, Do you make an incredible dish? so good that you would like to display it as a work of art at your workplace, restaurant etc
Commissioned artwork as unique as what you produce. How devious does this food photography look? Have other products that you produce and want it as a print on your wall? Fine art piece? An idea of your own?
Let’s Talk.