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Something old, something new..

Super sweetie, thought I’d give a beautiful image from a few years ago something new. This took an hour #oneipreparedearlier #fineartportrait #commisionedartwork #heartimprint from $375.00

A Little Birdy.


I never get tired of creating something for my girls, a collaboration with my little one, together we made this! Although now I’m absolutely exhausted, 7 hours from Shoot to final image. A #composite of 8 #images #fineartportrait #aippaccreditedprofessionalphotographer #surrealphotography #surrealart #birdsofafeatherflocktogether #digitalartist

Fine Art Portraits from $375.00

Original Artwork, prints and products

Available worldwide

Prints and Products

Prints and products available worldwide, checkout my Redbubble account for more original artwork. Prints can be ordered directly through me, printed at the highest quality.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 5.31.54 pmScreen Shot 2018-09-12 at 5.47.52 pmScreen Shot 2018-09-12 at 5.49.27 pmScreen Shot 2018-09-12 at 5.55.22 pmScreen Shot 2018-09-12 at 5.56.43 pm

 This little one has been purchased many times, mugs, pillow cases and prints. And Someone with a sense of humour in Hong Kong purchased the Dachshund mini skirt!

Now that put a huge smile on my face, each to their own.

Print Sales

Oh just warms my heart!

Within Australia all prints are ordered directly through me and sent to my trusty print, around the world prints and products are purchased through my Redbubble account, I don’t always know who have purchased them, just the country, The USA seem to like my stuff most, so you can imagine my delight when someone contacts me to show the love, this was purchased awhile ago but the update is that the image along with the laptop have now gone to college with their son , how cool is that!

On a personal note, I also have this hanging on my wall printed on metallic paper, I love the whole minimal approach to life, it’s as you enter my home, it’s a great reminder as I go in and out, to keep it simple, focusing only on the people and things I love..that bring joy and provide me with a feeling of contentment, happy Monday keeping the “kISS” rule always.

A Rose is a Rose

Here’s what I love about the people i meet, to you and I just a pretty rose to some it’s part of their history, visiting lovely people this week, their son bought in a rose for his mother”,and said “I do this when I visit her and one for my girlfriend, then his father said “that the rose bush belonged to his dad or grandfather and that it blooms all year, how very special, with his permission I asked if I could pick some, so I went home and photographed it for them with the intention to print and give it to them as a gift, funny enough it was the exact colour I was after to use for that recent portrait of my daughter, you really do get what you focus on #pinkrose #familyhistory happy Friday all #itsthesmallthingsinlife

and that same day I photographed my daughter and told her the history during the Shoot. Each image is make up of about 6 images using photo stacking. I really love my job and grateful for the skills I’ve learned along the way…

The Wedding Album


Great news!!!! A quick email to my supplier, we must be in sync!
They are posting out their wedding album tomorrow, I can’t wait to hand it over to this gorgeous couple so they can share with family and friends….a lifetime of memories …. for generations to come…

Birthday Photoshoot

A little fine art edit for my fine young lady….belated birthday photoshoot.

iPhone case

I couldn’t decide on a new phone wallet, so I created something