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Horby Lighthouse, Watsons Bay

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Sometimes things don’t go according to plan so you just go with the flow, ironically I accidentally stumbled upon a lighthouse. While standing at the train station i asked a random how to get to a location, in conversation he mentioned Watsons Bay, I quickly googled it and changed my direction once I saw how pretty it was, a couple of stops to Circular Quay, a short and pleasant fairy ride over to Watsons Bay, I followed the South Head Heritage trail and there it was, A lighthouse that looked like it belonged in a fairytale. A serene few hours exploring, watching waves, smiling, enjoying the winter sunshine, short chats along the way. As I leaned close to the edge still within safety a lady asked me a question…I replied with “I wasn’t meant to be here today”, she said ‘clearly you were by the smile on your face’. I guess I was…

I even stumbled on a nudist beach oops 🙂

Watsons Bay-South Head-Heritage-Walk


Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, NSW


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A spectacular view of the three sisters at sunset in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.Over 3 days of sunsets and sunrises, this one is my favourite.

Beautiful Bolivia


There are not enough words in the English language to describe how spectacular this park is! You can purchase this image here, for more click here.

Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve of Andean Fauna (Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina Eduardo Abaroa; Spanish acronym: REA) is located in Sur Lípez Province. Situated in the far southwestern region of Bolivia, it is the country’s most visited protected area. Established in 1973, the national park is named after Eduardo Abaroa (1838–1879), the Bolivian war hero of the 19th century. I also heard while I was there, the Salvador Dali Dessert named after the famous painted, his painting inspired by the amazing landscape, I completely agree, soul inspiring indeed.

When one needs to restore balance, one revisits moments of complete serenity, just spent the last 6 hours in Bolivia, well almost….reflecting on one of my pillars of strengths, just a small part of what makes me tick and makes me me.
It was pretty cold and was blessed enough to watch an incredible sunrise, while I wasn’t planning of going into the hot springs due to no bathers, well, i can’t resist water….i don’t think anyone really noticed I was wearing my underwear…as warm as soup and just as soothing..

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia


Salar De Uyuni a rather large mirror I have ever seen, incredible reflections on the salt flats, apparently the largest in the world, Heck of a journey to get here although well worth the trip. The Perfect way to end the day of a 3 day tours, A magical sunset. A 3 day tour is approximately 100 USD, including accommodation, some meals, sharing with 6 people in a 4wd, nothing flash although a great way to get around on a budget.                      You can purchase this image and more here.  Bolivia, Nikon D810

Personal Journey


Los Cuernos, The Horns of Patagonia

Los Cuernos, The Horns of Patagonia.



Just before dawn I set out on my first trek, fresh, windy although not freezing or maybe I had just the right about of layers on. It was so windy at times I had to stop and sit, the wind picking up water from the near by lake was like little stings to my face, how good it is to be alive and a witness to this magical place. How wonderful it was to have the track all to myself, the clouds were low and quit thick and most of the times hidden…I still felt the magic, singing fav tunes to myself along the way…….

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Personal Highlights

Group Corporate Headshots.


Corporate Headshots/Environmental Portrait

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Moray, Peru

Moray, Peru.

What an incredible place! after a long day at Macchu Picchu it was only right to stop on the way back to Cusco no matter how tired, trying to beat the sunset …….. arrived a little late for that stunning light I saw along the way, a vague explanation by the driver, still beautiful and interesting to look at…..Finally back on the road, (not before we dropped off a lady) nice to cruise through local village, maybe it was the long way back, maybe not….just a bonus I guess. Personal Journey

Moray-Peru-Silvia -Tomarchio-Photography

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Ollantaytambo, Peru.


Ollantaytambo, Peru, The last Fortress of The Incas. Personal Journey

At the far end of the Sacred Valley of the Incas hides a precious gem only a few tourists to Peru have on their radar including myself until I was given the heads up. Nice to just go with the flow….

The ancient Inca fortress was built around the middle of the 15th century and is the second most well-preserved ruin in Peru. Ollantaytambo is separated into 4 distinct areas: The ancient town, the temple hill, the ceremonial area and the agricultural sector. While there are other things to do in Ollantaytambo, I opted for an easier day, after a walk up to the top, chilling and enjoying the view, a nice cold drink at a local cafe and watched daily life and entertaining ordinary moments.  It was nice to slow down the last week of my South America journey.

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Macchu Picchu


Incredible Macchu Picchu. Personal Journey

It feels surreal being there although the amount of tourist definitely reminds you, you are not alone, still an interesting place to visit.

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Murchison Gap Lookout.


No time like the present, kids asleep after a 10th birthday party last night, my body clock right on time, a little quiet, a nice warm coffee on a cold winters day, A little time to edit.

A weekend away in Wangaratta, Milawa and surrounds, first stop at first light, patiently waiting for the sunrise at Murchison Gap Lookout, Victoria, Australia fog slowing creeping until you could not longer see the hills.
Nikon D810, F8, ISO 320 1/125