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A Very Special Gift For You.

Gift Voucher_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Taylors Hill_Portrait

The gift that keeps giving, a thoughtful gift for all occasions, in studio in Taylors Hill.
Photoshoots may be extended, additional images may be purchased, images may be printed larger, on location photoshoots, additional costs will apply. Vouchers valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Please allow up to 3 weeks from your selection date, some products take a little longer to produce.
From Consultation to Print.
Want a further 10% off? ask me how.
Feel free to share this with your friends and family.
All the very best Silvia.


Nominated Best Creative Industry Business.

Nominated Best Creative Industry Business_Silvia Tomarchio

What a wonderful humbling surprise to be Nominated Best Creative Industry Business, Melton Business Excellence Award 2017, How awesome for the Melton Council to support small local businesses.

Celebrate Your Love Story!

Couples Portrait_Silvia Tomarchio_Taylors Hill-2017-

It’s not just a portrait, it’s cherishing your moments, captured forever, celebrating finding love and keeping your love alive.

Retirement Portrait _ Hardly!

Over 14 months ago Mr G asked if I could create a portrait for him to celebrate his retirement, well he’s been so busy doing more of what he loves, it’s taken this long to come in!!!! He bought his head dress long ago for this very day. Here’s to a happy retirement.

The Magic of Books

Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Fine Art portrait_Taylors Hill

We are only limited by our imaginations, when books come to life.
10 images all photographed by me. Lil miss’s expression is just perfect for her fine art portrait.

Commended Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers.

Well this was a lovely surprise, forgot all about it, Awards are well no big deal although it’s great have my photography acknowledged by simply doing what I love.


Silvia Tomarchio Photography_fine art portrait

The human body is a work of art, as a woman photography, tasteful and sweet is my aim, i love these flowers, they live in my front garden, i love how i planted a few years ago, some died and then they have sprung up in different parts of it. It’s been an amazing week of creating fine art, just from one shoot i have been inspired so much, keep some for later.

Illuminating Tours, Bhutan

Illuminating Tours_Bhutan_Silvia Tomarchio

Well I finally made it! on my second attempt to get to Bhutan, the happiest place on earth! before I share some of my photos with you I would like to introduce you to Lebu, my driver and Tenzin my guide from Illuminating Tours. I was greeted at the airport with a smile and a scarf placed around my neck with “welcome to Bhutan. When I got in the car Lebu was ready, I looked over and said hello and noticed his sexy socks and his Gho hitched up, holding back my smile and laughing eyes behind my sunnies. Instantly the image of a hitchhiker came to mind, I think my silly grin lasted for an hour. Off we went through Paro on the way to Thimphu with as many stops as I wanted to photograph, enjoying the quirky signs along the way, Im so glad they laughed along with me, i would really love to meet the author! By day three I felt comfortable enough to ask for a little fun shots, they laughed and were quick to participate!!!! So we pulled up laughing so much it was hard to keep the camera steady, Lebu was a little more confident but it didn’t take long before Tenzin overcame his humble shy manner. Lebu showing him how its done by hitching up Tenzin Gho further, well you can image how the rest of the trip went, lots of laughter, chatting and very chilled, with as much or little information I asked about. I was asked many times to let them know if i needed anything, I said “actually Lebu can you blow away that one cloud from that peak?! so while we waited, i remembered I had my cheap arse travel reflector from China and thought we could fill time with a portrait shoot. By day 5 Lebu asked for another hitchhiking shot and some fun ones with signs we all laughed at. With only 700,000 people the roads were mostly quiet and when we did cross paths with others they were all so respectful to each other, making me feel safe on those winding roads, with spectacular view, people smiling, one man smiled bright as he walked up the road with a pick on his shoulder chatting to his friends. Everything was organised for me by Illuminating tours, the hotels were all fantastic in great locations. Lebu and Tenzin made the 5 day journey absolutely fantastic as I always say it’s the people that make a country more beautiful and the experience much more memorable, Thank you guys, i had a great time, a thank you to Namgay and Deborah for making my trip to Bhutan so easy and enjoyable. Did i think Bhutan was the happiest place on earth? well happiness can mean different things to different people, I felt a sense of serenity, calm and contentment surrounded by beautiful landscapes and smiling people, and that is my place of happiness, simple, going with the flow and in the moment. The people were so hospitable and very friendly, mostly with a trade mark of rosy cheeks. I was honoured to be asked if I was interested in coming back and running a photography workshop/tour with these guys, ummmm, Yes!!!!! I laughed and joked, painting many billboard images and calling it “The Sexy Socks Tours” they ladies will flock from far and wide!!!!!
Lebu not only a safe driver but a model/photography assistant 🙂 Thanks for taking care of me guys.

Favourite Portrait


This image of this gorgeous girl was taken back in August 2012 while I was growing, learning to see differently, my own self directed learning, how does one learn? practice, practice, practice until you can see what stays in and what gets left out oh and all the other elements that go into a beautiful portrait, it is a never ending wonderful journey of discovery, today I decided to re edit with Photoshops skills I have learnt over the last few year, a great foundation with formal training and then hours and hours of self directing learning, i have to say it’s so easy to forget so a little brush up exercise on beauty retouching best be included on my to do list while I am working on other areas in photography. It’s really is great to go back every now and then be grateful of how far I have come and looking forward to the continuing journey ahead, Funny that I studied for 2 years at diploma level, I only intended to go in and learn a bit more lighting and photoshop, Its amazing how much more I have learnt to see through a little square, not only externally but internally and that’s what make me love photography even more.



A Day off from everything to play.