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Photography by Silvia Tomarchio

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The Vintage Portrait







The Wedding Shoot

Sunny side Villa



Dudley Cellar Door

Dudley Cellar Door

While i was lost in photographing Ms J’s private beach, lost track of time, she suggested we have some lunch, mmm wasn’t too hungry although, why not.

As we arrived she asked, “do you like seafood? Wine?” yes I said love both “what type of wine?” sweet and white!

Well done in ordering and thank you for shouting, super sweet of you.

So very glad we stopped for lunch, how spectacular is that view from the back of the restaurant?!!!!

It really is nice to know there are people like her left in the world, my shout next time!




Sherbrooke Forest Fashion Shoot

Another great shoot on location at Sherbrooke forest. Dandenong, Victoria

A little bit of a walk to get to the waterfall although well worth the effort.

That gorgeous kitty was a random!!! as we were walking out the owners were walking towards us and more than happy to allow their kitty to be a star, yes of course I took a few pics of their much adored pet and emailed a couple very cute shots….you have to love when things fall into place with a few little surprises.


Sand Dunes Lake Mungo

This was  the highlight of Mungo trip. You have to love natures art, Sand Dunes and mystery Roo Prints…




Chasing Roos



Was this to be my last selfie? Was time to head back, feeling a little heat exhausted, mmm think you have had enough water, think again._DSC9383-Edit_DSC9385-Edit




Just one more look and click, just beautiful, I love natures art.


Bacchus Marsh

Another great location for a portrait shoot at Bacchus Marsh, Victoria

_DSC9935molly-2638-2molly-2645 copy

Rocking Sunset Portrait

A spring sunset portrait, using Rockbank, Victoria as the backdrop.


High Road Cataract Gorge Reserve

A steep 25 minute walk to Kings Bridge, not a great idea with new prescription sunnies, not long in i decided to take them off and blur my way up, note to self call optometrist, everything appears closer that what it is!

And not a great idea to do the walk in converse runners, lets just say my boots had had enough of salt sand and rain.

I really didn’t think it through, I had about an hour before i met up with the 9 other travellers, so i ploughed on, stopping to take in the view and of course a few snaps.

About 3/4 through I met a group of ladies, puffed at the lookout point, I asked “how far?” “oh only about 200 metres, you know there is the low road?” pointing to it, mmmm nothing like getting the blood pumping through the veins.

I caught up to them minutes later and just before my left turn on the bridge, they were all cheering on this bloke, mmmm guess i took the easy way after all.

The low road was a great walk back, nice and easy, beautiful landscape.


Inner Beauty