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Professional Corporate Photography

It’s not ‘just’ a Headshot!

With social media and our online presence playing such a huge role today in the success of our businesses, it is now more important than ever to be seen often, and in the best possible light.

Quite simply a great Headshot should look like you at your absolute best without being a glamour shot. (unless that’s what you want of course).
The right balance of ensuring you look your best while ensuring the images remain very natural. It is very important that your shots look like you when you meet your clients.

Beginning with a consultation, we get to know each other, I get to know you, who you are and what you do, from here the shoot ideas begin discussing aiming at your shoot to best suit your style and needs.
My passion while creating your headshot is always the same, whether you are a fashion designer or CEO and everything in between, I take great care and skill to create for you the best possible Headshots and make your personal and business photographic branding simply you.
Through coaching and directing you properly throughout the shoot keeping in mind our discussed end result ensuring this make your experience in front of the camera enjoyable, fun and relaxed and enabling your very best photo’s to be easily captured. To create beautiful images we must see them before we shoot.

Professional equipment.
I shoot using the highest quality cameras and lenses so you can be sure our photography is produced to the highest possible standard while always maintaining a relaxed and fun environment so the best photographs can be captured quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

Retouching is all part of my service,.
No filters and no shortcuts using advanced Photoshop skills,, all our images are finished by hand, subtle skin smoothing, colour correction and adjustments, I place great pride on how your final images are presented to you.

Home based studio on Taylors Hill, Melbourne  you have the option of White, Grey or black background along with the right lighting to suit you, keeping it natural and real, Natural light is also available.
Natural light on location, are also lots of fun and a bit more spontaneous which can really help produce a great looking headshot, this kind of headshot can be less static and a little more down to earth if that is what you prefer.
Natural light has a beautiful and soft quality about it, using your environment also ensures that your images are unique and reflects your company and this makes your image pop.

Common Questions.

Q. What do I wear?
A. Wardrobe choice is an important part of a successful Headshot and can give your shots that little bit of edge. As a general rule darker colours and simple necklines are better and it is good to keep it as simple as possible. It is good however to consider a few different looks for more specific personalities and services. When using a colour headshot try wearing colours that work well with your skin tone and eye colour. You will be surprised how much difference certain colours will make your shots really stand out.
Lastly think about items of clothing that you love wearing and make you feel great and bring them to your headshot session. A favourite jacket, scarve, shirt or jumper etc will inject a bit of your own personal style into the shot and ensure your headshots show you looking and feeling great.

A.People often ask whether they need a makeup artist and really there is no set rule. My experience has found that to get the best headshot and have a great shoot its best to leave nothing to chance so if your budget permits it is a great idea to have a professional do it for you. The right balance of making you look your best while ensuring the shots remain very natural. It is very important that your shots look like you. A professional hair stylist should also be considered for the very same reason.

My Corporate photography packages offer a full range of services Corporate Headshots individuals, small teams and large firms, staff profiles and branding images for annual reports, brochures and company website’s. Full resolution high quality images for printing and web ready images that are easily and quickly uploaded. Fast turn around for delivery of your final product.

For more information and bookings you can contact me.

Silvia Tomarchio

Accredited professional photographer.

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Victoria Barracks

A little history on this well known wedding location.

The earliest buildings at Victoria Barracks were built by soldiers in the late 1850s, with the original bluestone buildings being constructed between 1856 and 1872. A large extension was made to officers’ quarters in 1917 but with the growth of service personnel and civilian staff at the beginning of the Second World War, space was at a premium.

Victoria Barracks was the administrative headquarters for the Australian Army but to ensure the close coordination of the three services necessary to the war effort, the Barracks also became the administrative headquarters of the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force.

As well, accommodation needed to be found at the Barracks for Ministers and staff travelling to meetings of the War Cabinet and the Advisory War Council in Melbourne.

Victoria Barracks, Melbourne, 1943

Victoria Barracks, 1943. View of main building looking across St. Kilda Road.
Australian War Memorial: ID 052350

Consideration was even given to utilising nearby parks as temporary homes for the overflow, and this led to the unsuccessful ‘Fawkner Park grab’ which prompted an anonymous poet from the Defence Department to put pen to paper:


Well a few attempts with this pano, might have to go back and try again, nearly got it!!!

Docklands, Melbourne