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Say A liTTle PrayeR

Prayer Flag_Bhutan_Silvia Tomarchio PhotographyWhat can one say about Bhutan, it’s peaceful, quiet, stunning landscape, the light breeze and the sound of prayer flags, I laid down as close to the edge, listen to the sounds and watched those flags, dance in the wind. No other sounds, it was magical. You can purchase this image here and many others.

Paro Dzong

Paro Dzong_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Bhutan_night photography

My last day in Bhutan, back to Paro a great way to finish off 5 days of travel photography,  this was taken from my hotel room on the night before heading back to India. Rinpung Dzong

Paro Dzong ranks as a high point of Bhutanese architecture. The massive buttressed walls that tower over the town are visible throughout the valley. It was formerly the meeting hall for the National Assembly and now, like most dzongs, houses both the monastic body and district government offices, including the local courts. Most of the chapels are closed to tourists but it’s worth a visit for its stunning architecture and views.  Lonely Planet

Be Still….


There is something so calming about watching monks meditate, you can almost meditate with them for a distance, A monk enjoying the sunset in Bagan, Myanmar.

You can purchase this image here.

Big Brown Eyes, Kolkata

silvia tomarchio photography_kolkata_India_boy in a car.jpg

There was something about those big brown eyes that had me in a trance, for more than just a moment, long before I clicked the shutter, time stood still, he appeared as an unfinished painting, blurred, and everything around him disappeared even sound. A sense of Deja’ vu or was it an image I have already seen locked in my subconscious mind? I was so fixed on his eyes I didn’t notice the driver until I uploaded the image on my laptop, we really do see what we want to see, what captures our soul and delights our heart in the moment.

I love those cars that flood the streets of Kolkata.

After 19 hours of travel time I was a little spaced out, who knows, I only got to spend about 5 hours in Kolkata, the plan was to spend a day at the end of my trip. It’s so easy to get lost in India, going with the flow, moving every few days by train that I nearly ended up in Pakistan! With only a few days left it was easier to get back to Delhi to fly to Kolkata to fly home, I knew I had to catch that flight book or i would have got lost for longer.



Smiles change everything and is the beginning of inner change, the ultimate exchange next to hugs.

It’s hard not to return a smile, how fast do you see a shift, I love the reaction the spontaneous response, smile loud, smile proud. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, I never photographed a person that has has caught my attention and visa versa without smiling first. Smiles gives you permission to connect.

Hindu Temple

Cruising around Rock Bank after seeing a client, I stumbled on this place.

A temple in the middle of nowhere, I was allowed to go in and have a look around and of course go back with this gorgeous model.

A shoot for a makeup artist showcasing her work, nothing like a little recon while out and about, the perfect collaboration,I must go back and shoot their’s so colourful inside and there was only one direction I was asked not to photograph, I can live with that._DSC9655_DSC9693 as Smart Object-2_DSC9684 as Smart Object-1_DSC9677 as Smart Object-1

Sand Dunes Lake Mungo

This was  the highlight of Mungo trip. You have to love natures art, Sand Dunes and mystery Roo Prints…




Chasing Roos



Was this to be my last selfie? Was time to head back, feeling a little heat exhausted, mmm think you have had enough water, think again._DSC9383-Edit_DSC9385-Edit




Just one more look and click, just beautiful, I love natures art.


People of KK, Sabah

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Istana Nurul Iman (meaning “Palace of the Faith Light”)  is the palace of the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah. This $1.4 billion dollar home is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest living residence of the head of a state. This humble abode is located in the heart of the capital of Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan, and is open to visitors only three days in a year.

The palace was designed by a Filipino architect Leandro Locsin and built in 1984. The completion of the building was dedicated to Brunei’s independence day, 1st of January. Istana Nurul Iman serves both as the residence and the government offices of the Sultan.

The total area of the palace complex is 200 000 square meters. Istana Nurul Iman also includes a mosque that can accommodate up to 1500 worshipers. The total number of rooms in the palace is 1788, as well as 257 bathrooms, 18 elevators and 5 swimming pools. The one square kilometer underground garage holds 153 most expencive car models in the world. The car collection of the Sultan is approaching to 5000 pieces, some of them are custom made by the order of the monarch. The banquet area can host 4000 people and the stables can hold 200 horses.

Besides that, the palace has a large collection of paintings, including Renoir painting, purchased by the Sultan for $70 million.

Istana Nurul Iman is open to visitors during the Muslim holidays Hari Raya Puasa, the last day of the holy month of Ramadan, and the following Eid al-Fitr, which begins at sunset on the last day of Ramadan.


Ta Phin

sapa11A great day in a local village not far from Sapa, so nice of these lovely ladies to invite me in to their home.sapa12 sapa13 sapa14