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Stoke Bay, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Stoke Bay, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Spur of the moment decision to hop over to Kangaroo Island.

A very good friend of mine in Adelaide was generous enough to drive me to Cape Jervis to catch the ferry over.

The Adventure begins.

Off the ferry collected my hire car from Chad who runs budget, talk about fantastic and friendly service.

A two hour drive, went around in circles a couple of times, if not for road kill that I spotted, i wouldn’t have noticed.

Finally got to my destination, looking out for roos, never been so alert in all my life.

A short walk to the beach, through a very cool cave, unfortunately the tide was out.


My skin was quickly warmed up, deep breaths and a sense of freedom as i climbed over rocks close the edge, the sea was calm and quiet, gentle waves crashing hearing only children laugh in the distance as they played on the beach.

Two hours drive back, a stop at the pub with a reward cider having a good laugh with the locals.




Lake Daylesford, La Petite Jetty



My landmark from Lake Daylesford

The Little Jetty was what i saw at first light and came back for it on my way out back to the car. Super sweet.

The weather was perfect, unfortunately no clouds.

The Chicory Kiln, Bacchus Marsh

This brick kiln, located near Bacchus Marsh, was built around 1885 for Messrs. Pearce Brothers, and was used for processing chicory roots, which once baked and ground are frequently used to complement or even wholly substitute coffee. The brick layer was J. F. Taylor, and carpentry was by Mr. Murphy. It was in operation for a relatively short period, being referred to 25 years later as an “unused chicory kiln” and “the old chicory kiln.” In the years following it was suggested that the building could be repurposed for tobacco leaf drying, fruit canning, or even housing an electricity plant. One wall contains advertising for Dr. Morse’s Indian Root Pills (“For the Liver”), with an older slightly different version of the ad showing through as the top coat of paint deteriorates. Today the area immediately surrounding the building is still used for agricultural purposes.



Lake Eildon

Part of a great weekend away, Lake Eildon, Victoria


St Andrews Daydream

Amazing waves and my favourite Indigo sky, left me feeling like in a day dream.
A little abstract from my day…

St Andrew-8115


Lake Eppalock, Victoria

Such a warm and windy day for a portrait shoot, the wind proved difficult for my model to hold her pose with a little experimental long exposure….. at least it was cool in the water, oh and left my bag there, just as well I thought i better get my phone out. what is it with me and always leaving something behind, not left any of the kids behind yet so I guess all is well.

Ricketts Point

Out nice and early, a big breakfast at Ricketts Point cafe then off for a little wonder around Beaumaris.

Ricketts Point-0689

PrintRicketts Point-0695 as Smart Object-1Ricketts Point-0696Ricketts Point-0697Ricketts Point-0698

Lenny at Cambells Cove

Meet Lenny,
what a lovely bloke, stopped of to have a chat while he was painting and invited me in to see what he has done with the place, “I have a girlfriend, she tries to pretty it up for me but I won’t let her” Very nice of him to invite me in allow me to photograph his second home.

A lovely morning out with my girls.


Bacchus Marsh

Another great location for a portrait shoot at Bacchus Marsh, Victoria

_DSC9935molly-2638-2molly-2645 copy

Melbourne Docklands

A warm night, a great girl, an awesome location at Melbourne Docklands