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Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks

Flinders Chase

Kangaroo Island

Took about 2 hours to drive from Penneshaw, taking my time again,

A stop at Flinders Chase Information Centre, Just as well, i didn’t realise that there was a fee to enter the National park, I said that to the lady behind the counter, to which she replied “well obviously you were not looking out for signs!”

I said “that’s right I was too busy looking out for Roos!”

I spent about 2 hours here mostly timing in between small bus loads of people visiting, with a wonderful selection of accents.

At one stage I had to organise a group of young girls to get their photos around performing hand stands, really?!!!! apart from the fact that at that age we think we are immortal, really didn’t want to see anyone fall off the edge!!!

Thought it was kind of funny, they thanked me before they left!

Allowing an American tourist who was annoyed at them, I gestured after you, get your shots in first, also a thank you,  and man who decided to ignore me, camera set up tripod included, oh well he did say sorry!!! lol

Finally i got my shots, gotta be quick around people coming and going and getting a little creative using rocks to hide a few people who liked where they were standing, oh well, I think we all got our shots in the end, a stroll around, not daring to cross the line and did the right thing.

Would have been amazing at sunset, so if you are brave enough to travel at that time, please be careful. I only saw one Roo cross about 100 metres in front of me although lots of road kill and skid marks on the road.

Feeling blessed about my safe journey to and from, in fact for the 3 days I was cruising around.








Take 2

Looks like I need to wait for a king tide to get the image I want.

It was hypnotic watching and waiting for the tide that really never came in.

Such is life.





Lake Daylesford, La Petite Jetty



My landmark from Lake Daylesford

The Little Jetty was what i saw at first light and came back for it on my way out back to the car. Super sweet.

The weather was perfect, unfortunately no clouds.

Kangaroo Paw

Almost like a mystery to see the size of these paw prints but no roos…

What a beautiful place, the sand dunes at Vigars Well, Mungo



Vigars Well, Lake Mungo, NSW

Vigars Well, Mungo

Spectacular!!!! not quite the right time of day but I love the texture in the sand, harsh sunlight bringing out the shadows…._DSC9378-Edit.jpg




Ricketts Point

Out nice and early, a big breakfast at Ricketts Point cafe then off for a little wonder around Beaumaris.

Ricketts Point-0689

PrintRicketts Point-0695 as Smart Object-1Ricketts Point-0696Ricketts Point-0697Ricketts Point-0698

Bacchus Marsh

Another great location for a portrait shoot at Bacchus Marsh, Victoria

_DSC9935molly-2638-2molly-2645 copy

Melbourne Docklands

A warm night, a great girl, an awesome location at Melbourne Docklands


Circus Royal

 Probably one of my funnest gigs to date!!!


Circus Royal,

Damian Syred, The Ring master.

Rupertswood Mansion

Rupertswood Mansion holds a special place in the history of Australian cricket, and of Melbourne itself. The stately manor, built in 1874 by Sir William Clarke, played host to the touring English cricket team in 1882.

Grand place to say the least, lucky for me I was allowed to wonder freely and photograph to my heart’s content.

A lovely venue for weddings and special occasions.



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