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Looking Back

Grantville_Trees_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_LandscapeI have always believed that when you look at life in reverse all is as it should be, while mostly I like to travel back to fond memories and moments, sometimes you need to look back as a reminder never to make the same mistake again, Moments deep within can be blinded by a false trust, i was so busy admiring through the lens that I didn’t see the water creep up behind me, left standing on a meter long island, i was drawn in, peaceful in a trance and forgot about the tide coming in, with a smile on my face I walked through the water not even feeling the cold. Thank God for reality checks.
Grantville Victoria

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Take 2

Looks like I need to wait for a king tide to get the image I want.

It was hypnotic watching and waiting for the tide that really never came in.

Such is life.





Lake Daylesford, Victoria

Sunrise at Lake Daylesford, Victoria
The glow of a beautiful morning with the warm sun, colouring the world around me.

A great way to start my day.


The Chicory Kiln, Bacchus Marsh

This brick kiln, located near Bacchus Marsh, was built around 1885 for Messrs. Pearce Brothers, and was used for processing chicory roots, which once baked and ground are frequently used to complement or even wholly substitute coffee. The brick layer was J. F. Taylor, and carpentry was by Mr. Murphy. It was in operation for a relatively short period, being referred to 25 years later as an “unused chicory kiln” and “the old chicory kiln.” In the years following it was suggested that the building could be repurposed for tobacco leaf drying, fruit canning, or even housing an electricity plant. One wall contains advertising for Dr. Morse’s Indian Root Pills (“For the Liver”), with an older slightly different version of the ad showing through as the top coat of paint deteriorates. Today the area immediately surrounding the building is still used for agricultural purposes.



Pinnacles, Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island





Bay Of Fires

A warm and inviting morning at Bay of Fires, a water over the rocks and through the water was a great was to start the day and continue on our Tasmanian journey._DSC8294_DSC8297_DSC8300_DSC8318-Edit

I love that a few times the water swelled up over the barrier and soaked my feet, she certainly rises to the occasion._DSC8322-Edit_DSC8330-Edit

Photography by Silvia Tomarchio


Random Moment In Time Photography by Silvia Tomarchio



Turpin Falls, Victoria

Turpin Falls, Victoria, Black and White

Turpin Falls

Turpin Falls

Stairway From The Fort


Fort Nepean

The Spectacular view as I walked down towards the beach at Fort Nepean, just beautiful, on with the exploring.