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Lake Eppalock, Victoria

Such a warm and windy day for a portrait shoot, the wind proved difficult for my model to hold her pose with a little experimental long exposure….. at least it was cool in the water, oh and left my bag there, just as well I thought i better get my phone out. what is it with me and always leaving something behind, not left any of the kids behind yet so I guess all is well.

Kangaroo Paw

Almost like a mystery to see the size of these paw prints but no roos…

What a beautiful place, the sand dunes at Vigars Well, Mungo



Rocking Sunset Portrait

A spring sunset portrait, using Rockbank, Victoria as the backdrop.


Yeeeee Ha!!!


Well the windiest night!!! although the most spectacular sunset!!!
I hope you saw it!!
What a gorgeous young lady, a fun shoot in a pretty cool location.

Lucky enough to get access to private property.

The wind broke an umbrella so thankfully we got a few shots in!!!