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Looking Back

Grantville_Trees_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_LandscapeI have always believed that when you look at life in reverse all is as it should be, while mostly I like to travel back to fond memories and moments, sometimes you need to look back as a reminder never to make the same mistake again, Moments deep within can be blinded by a false trust, i was so busy admiring through the lens that I didn’t see the water creep up behind me, left standing on a meter long island, i was drawn in, peaceful in a trance and forgot about the tide coming in, with a smile on my face I walked through the water not even feeling the cold. Thank God for reality checks.
Grantville Victoria

You can purchase a pano version here.

Dudley Cellar Door

Dudley Cellar Door

While i was lost in photographing Ms J’s private beach, lost track of time, she suggested we have some lunch, mmm wasn’t too hungry although, why not.

As we arrived she asked, “do you like seafood? Wine?” yes I said love both “what type of wine?” sweet and white!

Well done in ordering and thank you for shouting, super sweet of you.

So very glad we stopped for lunch, how spectacular is that view from the back of the restaurant?!!!!

It really is nice to know there are people like her left in the world, my shout next time!




Kettering, Hobart

Kettering, Hobart

A quick stop while travelling through Tasmania.




Photography by Silvia Tomarchio


Random Moment In Time Photography by Silvia Tomarchio

Halong Bay

Halong Bay.

Good Morning Pingyao

Good Morning Pingyao.


The Great Wall of China

panowallThe Great Wall of China

Malmsbury Bridge Pano

Malmsbury Bridge, Victoria

Malmsbury Bridge, Victoria

Malmsbury Bridge Pano

It seems as if Winter has already set in, while i am missing the ocean already, I haven’t braved it in a few weeks,

I prefer inland at this time of year, visiting old country towns in Rural Victoria and beyond.

Perry Sandhills