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Phillip Island

Swell Time

Waves_Phillip Island_Swell_Sea_OceanOut on a whale watching cruise yesterday off Phillip Island, unfortunately we didn’t spot any, lots of playful dolphins and seals, There were lots of swells, rain and even hail stones at one point which made it all the more exciting. I love the way the waves dance and create quick moments of natures art. Victoria, Australia. You can purchase this image here.


Find My Phone, Pinnacles, Cape Woolamai

It’s been a few years since I ventured to the Pinnacles, Phillip Island, Cape Woolamai.

I had forgotten the the few kms to get there, i only remembered the steep decent to get amongst the land that time forgot….

It really is a spectacular place to visit.

On Friday I had been to Number 16, what a beautiful morning I had, That night having to dry my boots with a mini heater must have shrunk them, riddled with blisters from boots that have well been broken in I struggled.

To be honest i wasn’t really  in the mood to shoot, i was just happy watching the ocean, the crash of the waves, the way the water swells and dances around the rocks, the sound of the waves crashing…

After awhile i decided i should go and explore, after all my motivation.. this time i had a widey and I guess i was expecting more, better shots??? So i walked around to the left as far as I could go, sat there for awhile too.

I lost track of time, the ocean has a way of making time meaningless and every moment count.

As my battery started to die, i decided to pack up my gear and make my way back, I felt fatigued and wasn’t thinking, i put my phone in my back pocket, the same pocket that well lets just say my last phone went for a swim. I miss my iPhone 6!

Secretly I didn’t like going back to an IPhone 5, huh the law of attraction? Saving up for a new IPhone 6 I think…

The weight of my bag and tripod, seemed to throw me off balance and getting over the rocks became increasingly difficult, at times disorientated.

Getting up that hill was a bit of tight spot, feeling dizzy and lack of strength, my protein bar didn’t kick in, well I am glad i didn’t do this one alone which I often do, I love the silence and the scene, never feeling rushed, although my partner is pretty good at letting me be, understanding my time to recharge.

Once back in the car feeling every muscle ache, a lot of water and the promise of that reward cider and a great meal at Tides in Tooradin, all was well again, don’t get me wrong I had a great day, the watching was just more important than the capture and a great place to be…..

Well I am finally back home and this is the only image that I really like….Well maybe a few more…splashy ones.


Let me know if you find my phone 😉