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The Magic of Books

Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Fine Art portrait_Taylors Hill

We are only limited by our imaginations, when books come to life.
10 images all photographed by me. Lil miss’s expression is just perfect for her fine art portrait.

Laugh and the world laughs with you…

Fun_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_Portrait_Taylors Hill_Melbourne

One of my mottos in life has been, if it’s not fun or at least interesting I’m not doing it!

In my 20’s someone once said “life is just one big party for you, do you think maybe it’s time to be a little more responsible? and take life seriously” Mind you this was before kids working up to 65 hours a weeks, so I burnt the candle at both ends, we are young, we are immortal remember? So I thought maybe I should quieten down a little, let me tell you how depressed I got, my joy for life was leaving me, that was the worst 3 weeks of my life and I never listened to anyones opinion again. Live life, laugh, do what makes you happy keeping in mind not to hurt others in the process, you get one shot as far as I know make it  awesome. A smile suites me way better than a serious look.

A big thank you to my friend and fellow photographer for not only having fun during his shoot but allowing me to share these with you. I especially love duck face! 50% of his sitting were all along the lines of this! And this is why I love my job, I can adapt to all kinds of crazy and “normal” and somewhat in between. Happy Days

Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks

Flinders Chase

Kangaroo Island

Took about 2 hours to drive from Penneshaw, taking my time again,

A stop at Flinders Chase Information Centre, Just as well, i didn’t realise that there was a fee to enter the National park, I said that to the lady behind the counter, to which she replied “well obviously you were not looking out for signs!”

I said “that’s right I was too busy looking out for Roos!”

I spent about 2 hours here mostly timing in between small bus loads of people visiting, with a wonderful selection of accents.

At one stage I had to organise a group of young girls to get their photos around performing hand stands, really?!!!! apart from the fact that at that age we think we are immortal, really didn’t want to see anyone fall off the edge!!!

Thought it was kind of funny, they thanked me before they left!

Allowing an American tourist who was annoyed at them, I gestured after you, get your shots in first, also a thank you,  and man who decided to ignore me, camera set up tripod included, oh well he did say sorry!!! lol

Finally i got my shots, gotta be quick around people coming and going and getting a little creative using rocks to hide a few people who liked where they were standing, oh well, I think we all got our shots in the end, a stroll around, not daring to cross the line and did the right thing.

Would have been amazing at sunset, so if you are brave enough to travel at that time, please be careful. I only saw one Roo cross about 100 metres in front of me although lots of road kill and skid marks on the road.

Feeling blessed about my safe journey to and from, in fact for the 3 days I was cruising around.






St Andrews Daydream

Amazing waves and my favourite Indigo sky, left me feeling like in a day dream.
A little abstract from my day…

St Andrew-8115


Op Shopping

Proved to be an expensive day breaking a vase just as we were wrapping up.

Oh well…we had lots of fun and so many beautiful images of this gorgeous girl.

untitled shoot-6934untitled shoot-6950untitled shoot-6955untitled shoot-6961untitled shoot-6985-2

Mother Hen