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Looking Back

Grantville_Trees_Silvia Tomarchio Photography_LandscapeI have always believed that when you look at life in reverse all is as it should be, while mostly I like to travel back to fond memories and moments, sometimes you need to look back as a reminder never to make the same mistake again, Moments deep within can be blinded by a false trust, i was so busy admiring through the lens that I didn’t see the water creep up behind me, left standing on a meter long island, i was drawn in, peaceful in a trance and forgot about the tide coming in, with a smile on my face I walked through the water not even feeling the cold. Thank God for reality checks.
Grantville Victoria

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Point RoadKnight

A few weeks back i finally got down to one of my fav spots along the stretch that i have been exploring for the past few years. It always looks so different. I wish this wind in Melbourne would stop!!!!! Note to self : do not answer your phone, you will not see that wave coming, lucky for me and my boy, it was more of a tickle than a slap…


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My Editing Work Flow


I thought i would share with you my work flow, or my selection process, these images were taken late 2015 and I have only ever shared one, Like most photographers i am emotionally attached to my images, the sites, the sounds, the feelings of the day so sometimes it makes it really hard to choose my best, I usually do a quick view, quite often stopping at the one that jumps out without looking at the rest, excited much?! I always upload as soon as i get in, the few times I haven’t somehow they have been lost, Mystery! Although not happened lately, but that’s another story. Time frame here about two hours, walking, looking, smiling, shooting, sitting and watching and of course playing around with the water. Having a right ol giggle with the beach to myself, who knows i may be posted as someone else’s random, looking like a nutter, waves crashing in and lifting up the tripod. I remember when i first started I just about shared everything, a little tougher on myself these days and need to get harsher and if i only get one image on the day, that is satisfying enough, it’s more than a shoot, its my way of life, what brings me peace and joy. Photography makes me travel, travel makes me photograph, I love the randoms I meet , my 10 minute friendships, funny how strangers can share so much, Or the really quiet days just focusing on what i see while everything else just melts away, heaven.


All images from shoot, minus a few, Most of the time i will try a pano shoot for each location. I import into Lightroom and copy as dng on an external drive under year, category, location, star rate, add keywords, create a collection under year and category, then colour the ones I want to edit.


1st Selections with the pano that didn’t work and one that did.

lizzardblackand white

Favourites converted to  Black and White. Not all fully edited


And of course colour, sometimes even imaging things i would like to encounter on the beach. A little photoshop fun.

Flinders Ocean Beach

The keen fishermen at Flinders Ocean Beach.

I actually didn’t notice on the day!!! only when i zoomed in on the image.

Warm, quiet and restful day, fairly easy walk from the car park.



Sealink, Cape Jervis to Kangaroo Island

Sealink Ferry, Cape Jervis to Kangaroo Island,

What a smooth and easy journey from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw.

Greeted by really friendly people, happy to hear about my travel plans even offering suggestions.

A wonderful experience, can’t wait to do it all again.

Took this with a couple of hours to spare before heading back to Adelaide, my feet too sore from going further.


Hanson Bay, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Imagine having this beautiful beach all to yourself on a warm sunny day.
It’s possible at Hanson Bay, Kangaroo Island!






The Boathouse

Did I mention I have absolutely no balance?

A little fun with this pano, funny enough it’s how i feel when water is moving around me.



Lenny at Cambells Cove

Meet Lenny,
what a lovely bloke, stopped of to have a chat while he was painting and invited me in to see what he has done with the place, “I have a girlfriend, she tries to pretty it up for me but I won’t let her” Very nice of him to invite me in allow me to photograph his second home.

A lovely morning out with my girls.


Pinnacles, Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island





Find My Phone, Pinnacles, Cape Woolamai

It’s been a few years since I ventured to the Pinnacles, Phillip Island, Cape Woolamai.

I had forgotten the the few kms to get there, i only remembered the steep decent to get amongst the land that time forgot….

It really is a spectacular place to visit.

On Friday I had been to Number 16, what a beautiful morning I had, That night having to dry my boots with a mini heater must have shrunk them, riddled with blisters from boots that have well been broken in I struggled.

To be honest i wasn’t really  in the mood to shoot, i was just happy watching the ocean, the crash of the waves, the way the water swells and dances around the rocks, the sound of the waves crashing…

After awhile i decided i should go and explore, after all my motivation.. this time i had a widey and I guess i was expecting more, better shots??? So i walked around to the left as far as I could go, sat there for awhile too.

I lost track of time, the ocean has a way of making time meaningless and every moment count.

As my battery started to die, i decided to pack up my gear and make my way back, I felt fatigued and wasn’t thinking, i put my phone in my back pocket, the same pocket that well lets just say my last phone went for a swim. I miss my iPhone 6!

Secretly I didn’t like going back to an IPhone 5, huh the law of attraction? Saving up for a new IPhone 6 I think…

The weight of my bag and tripod, seemed to throw me off balance and getting over the rocks became increasingly difficult, at times disorientated.

Getting up that hill was a bit of tight spot, feeling dizzy and lack of strength, my protein bar didn’t kick in, well I am glad i didn’t do this one alone which I often do, I love the silence and the scene, never feeling rushed, although my partner is pretty good at letting me be, understanding my time to recharge.

Once back in the car feeling every muscle ache, a lot of water and the promise of that reward cider and a great meal at Tides in Tooradin, all was well again, don’t get me wrong I had a great day, the watching was just more important than the capture and a great place to be…..

Well I am finally back home and this is the only image that I really like….Well maybe a few more…splashy ones.


Let me know if you find my phone 😉