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Still Life


Silvia Tomarchio Photography_fine art portrait

The human body is a work of art, as a woman photography, tasteful and sweet is my aim, i love these flowers, they live in my front garden, i love how i planted a few years ago, some died and then they have sprung up in different parts of it. It’s been an amazing week of creating fine art, just from one shoot i have been inspired so much, keep some for later.

Melbourne Central

My own spin, was at Melbourne central, out for the day, a little street photography of the city.

It was early, i got to watch the sun warm through the glass as i laid flat on my back, no one seemed to care as they walked around me.

These are the days…..



Dune Tones


I could have looked for patterns all day, but much to explore in a short time….



Another piece that will be included in an upcoming exhibition at Caroline Springs Library.Bottle6629.jpg

Through My Fathers Eyes


What a cracker of a night, this was my second piece for end of year exhibition, there were great pieces submitted by various students, its a beautiful thing to see all the hard work throughout the year for all of us to enjoy.

Nice to be rewarded with cider đŸ™‚

My First Camera…..a gift from my dad….his first camera
All our family photos were taken with this little beauty, He paid 100 Lira for it, after winning another prize at a fair in Sicily, he just paid the difference, how cool is that! I love the extended version of my fathers story đŸ™‚

I love the image of my mum who was pregnant with my at the time, some of our family pics.

Got to love good old fashion black and white.
The first camera in my vintage collections.

I was great to see one of my first teachers from two years ago who suggestions I look at still life images, finally got around to creating some of my own, one of many I hope, they will appear when the time is right.

This ones for you dad.

Found the perfect frame last week and printed it up today ready to mount in the morning!!!

All worn out.

Nectar of the Gods

_DSC6442Grapes416oct as Smart Object-1Your can purchase this image Here

Commission pieces may be available.

Please contact me for further information.

A little still life at my place, the first piece in my next series.